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  1. sheep&cows&stuff

    Young Suckler Cow Down After A Hard Calving

    Have a young (3rd calver). Calved herself the 1st year to a lim, slight pull last year to a sim and this year was in calf to an easy calving lim (calved 10 others to him and 8 done it themselves). Big cow around 700kg. Got plenty of time to try it herself but was making no head way - feet were...
  2. sheep&cows&stuff

    Cidr Programme - Cow Synchronization

    I am going to put in 6 cidrs tonight - going to try a new programme: Day 0 – Cidr in & 2.5cc Receptal Day 7 – 2cc Estrumate – PM Day 8 – Cidr out – PM Day 10 – 2.5cc Receptal – 4pm Day 11 – 10am AI Day 15 – Cidr back in for 2 weeks Has anyone used a similar programme where by the...
  3. sheep&cows&stuff

    SFP - Entitlements

    Anyone know if entitlements are going to be done away with? Sick of leasing them for rented ground - if they were here to stay i would invest.
  4. sheep&cows&stuff

    Maiden heifers sucking each other

    I have a batch of 5 lovely maiden heifers - all from 8 months to around 14 months old. The oldest one at 14 months old stands up and lets herself be sucked by 2 of the other heifers (one a year old and one 8 months old). Both have been weaned a fair length of time (one at 8 months old was...
  5. sheep&cows&stuff

    Red Water

    Lost my first cow to red water yesterday - anyone have any experience?
  6. sheep&cows&stuff

    Calfs sucking each others navels

    As above - anyone got a cure or a smart fix for stopping bucket fed calves from sucking each others navels?
  7. sheep&cows&stuff


    I bought in 15 Friesian bull calves and done them for IBR at 10 days of age. Supposed to cover for 3 months. 2 weeks later I have had to inject 2 of the calves with Resflor due to coughing and blowing. Have just increased to 20 calves in the batch and very reluctant to IBR the last 5 as it is...
  8. sheep&cows&stuff

    Rearing Fresian Bull Calves

    Right, Opinions please. I have recently sourced cheap Fresian bull calves. 2 weeks old. Got 4 x ltr of colostrum each and very healthy animals. Going to rear this batch of 15 and keep a strict note of costs - I am not FQA so will likely sell through the mart at 12 months of age approx. Anyone...
  9. sheep&cows&stuff

    Coffee Shop

    Random one - anyone / anyone OH run a rural coffee shop? Mum have all the relevant training / experience and I was considering opening up one locally with her running it - have location & premises identified & think it should be a good idea for a little bit of additional income when set up &...
  10. sheep&cows&stuff

    Livestock Population Growth v Human Population Growth

    Don't know If this has been mentioned before, but to me the reason for beef demand going down seems to be simple - see attached article from 2015: Human population is growing at 1.2% per...
  11. sheep&cows&stuff

    Quantity of Slurry / Acre

    For fist cut I spread 4,000 gallon of slurry per acre (Mixture of suckler / milk / duck / digester slurry) For second cut at the weekend there I spread 3,200 gallon of slurry per acre (Mixture of digester / duck slurry) First cut got 3 bags (150kg) of fertiliser per acre also but as have...
  12. sheep&cows&stuff

    Dairy Calf To Suckler Idea

    Is anyone currently doing the below? I was thinking of bolstering my suckler turnover / income with a new venture of buying in well-bred Lim x British Friesian or Lim x Flekveigh heifer calves and rearing them from a day / week old. I have worked it out that I can buy and keep them until they...
  13. sheep&cows&stuff

    Keeldrum Capone Heifer Calf

    Keeldrum capone heifer calf out of a white roan sim 2nd calver - very pleased - 2 days old in this pic :D
  14. sheep&cows&stuff

    Selling Cows To Buy Land

    Some advice needed. Or rather, opinions :D Have told my background story on here before, so wont repeat myself.. Situation is I put up a cattle shed last year (only completed in Nov) which cost me £50,000. The funding came from my day job as farming is not yet making me any money. Anyway, I...
  15. sheep&cows&stuff

    Off The Drink

    I'm 25 - would count myself very successful for my age. Very ambitious and extremely sore on myself. Started drinking when I was 16 and haven't missed too many weekends since. I am in no way an alcoholic, but really enjoy drinking - on average over the last 10 years would drink 2 nights a week...
  16. sheep&cows&stuff

    Taking Liberties

    Just thinking - do farmers take more daring liberties than any other kind? 1 - I made a quantity of real good 1st cut silage. Put in a serious effort (time off work) etc to get it a good. Neighbour is in a bigger way of going than me and made pit silage. With the year it was, neighbour had to...
  17. sheep&cows&stuff

    Financially 'Batten down the hatches'

    Interested to know how many people have had to really slum it for a period of time in order to get out of a financial tight spot. As said before I work full time, so farming is on a part time / hobby basis - though it take up 100% of my time thinking! Anyway, I have invested seriously in the...
  18. sheep&cows&stuff

    Cost Of Keeping Suckler Replacements

    Curious as to what the general thought is on this. Are you better rearing your own heifer calves to add to the suckler herd (advantages of a closed herd) or buying in breeding replacements ready to calf or with calves at foot? If you breed your own replacements then realistically it will be 40...
  19. sheep&cows&stuff

    Cattle Envy

    Don't know this family personally - but these cattle are the dream
  20. sheep&cows&stuff

    Savings & On-Hand Cash

    Not looking for any extremely personal details, rather trying to get a feel for other peoples situations compared to my own. I am guilty of pumping nearly all of my personal monies into farming - therefore leaving me with very little on-hand cash or savings at hand. Granted I am only 25, but...

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