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    Styer tractor breakers

    Hi looking to find out any styer tractor breakers around ? zm
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    Styer tractor breakers

    Hi looking to find out any styer tractor breakers around ? zm
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    Liquid fertilizer on grassland

    Hi Any members on here any experiences with putting liquid fert on grassland can a standard sprayer be used? can a concentrated fertilizer be bought and mixed into a sprayer? zm
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    lely 900 profi tedder v 1020 profi tedder

    Anyone running a lely profi 900 ? what are the main differences between the 900profi and the 1020profi i think the 900 profi has 7 tines per star all i can see is the the 1020 1 meter wider, does it have bigger rotor arms? which is best for hay , the smaller star lift the grass off the...
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    Mf 1839 Baler

    Having a few issues with varying bale lengths .....swath is fairly uniform and baler seems to radamomly throw out a small bale of 1 flake TIA
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    Spool valve remote control cables

    Hi Any one any solution to freeing up wire cables on tractor spool valves with age the lever gets very hard to operate
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    Radar drive on Accord drill fendt terminal

    i have a accord drill i want to fit with radar drive, any way it can be controlled through the fendt terminal Whats the best way to retrofit this system onto an Accord DS type drill Zm
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    best roller for grassland

    thinking on a cambridge roller for grassland, are the type with breaker rings suitable for graasland im looking at a simba as they seem to be the heaviest per meter
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    Claas 2100 RC quadrant

    thinking about a purchase of this type of baler for silage, I want the 80x70 bale as i think it will wrap better than a 120*70 Any user experiences of the claas 2100 RC
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    Coated grass seed

    Want to overseed a haylage type mixture into existing swards with Moore Drill is the coated grass seeds worth the extra £ Also how best to control slugs in this type of seeding ? will be seeding in september after silage is cut ZM
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    top con 150

    Any body any experience with this type of assisted steering Does this system angle compensation? ZM
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    Parts for 4200 multi drive rear hub

    Multi drive 4200 rear hub, what type of hub are these? seems to be thw weak link on these machines where is the best place to buy S/H parts Zm
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    Great Wall Steed

    Hi all any forum members have a Great Wall Steed pick up? thinking of upgrading my Mazda B2500 to one
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    Dragon D10 biomass boiler system

    Hi Any forum members using a Dragon D10 biomass boiler? Looking for a 100 Kwh system, and decent heat store, we will be buring our waste card board pallets etc, and anticipate buying in timber pulp Would be keen to hear how others get on with the smaller Dragon D10 Z

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