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    Your current weather.

    this sums it all up
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    tank for pot ale syrup

    Try Pedders tanks 01995603224. Ian Pedders will make whatever you want and supply all valves.
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    Triticale for bulls

    It will feed exactly the same as wheat and perform better than second wheat in many situations and you can farm save seed. Agronomy is very similar to wheat.
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    TMR feed setup

    Just replaced a 45 year old steel tank with one from Peddars Tanks .Exellent to deal with and will make you whatever you want.
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    grays bale spike pusher

    Grays bale spike pusher .This is what I am told it is. Anyone interested?
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    Blower pipes

    We have found wrapping an inner tube around an effective medium term repair
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    Horse lorry

    2005 Iveco 7.5 Tonnes Cattle lorry with sheep decks, 12 months MOT 104,000 Miles, very tidy Call Ian 07854373707 Any use? I am not sure if it is still there near coventry
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    Fans for screw in grain spears

    AW & Co T/A Teqnivent Owain Jones Teqnivent Ty Verlons Ind Est, Cardiff Rd Barry Cardiff cf63 2be United Kingdom Phone:01446 743012 Speak to Owain 07764470393 excellent to deal with
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    Wanted Class 55 baler

    Woodfields near Huntington have one
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    Old farm medicines

    An old pre war remedy
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    How Times Change....

    Our first bulk tank calibrated 11/12/1963
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    12.4 R46 Row Crop wheels for trailed sprayer

    12.4 R46 firestone if they are any use. they are on 8 stud centres to fit a case 5150
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    Merlo tyres

    The rims may be too narrow for 460 tyres. WE replaced our 405//70 R24 with 15.5/50 R24 BKT 16 ply on existing rims to give the same rolling radius as the 460/70 R24 tyres and they are a lot cheaper tyre
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    finding a tenancy start date

    Look up The British Newspaper Archive. The farm sale of the outgoing tenant will probably be advertised. I found ours from 1883 and alot of interesting facts about the local area.
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    griffith trailer silage sides

    12 tonne griffiths with hydraulic door is 13 inches Regards Basford
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    John Oliver on Brexit

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    Do you Need Cereals Tickets???

    Two please if still availble
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    Bag of spring oats

    400 kg bag cleaned but undressed warwickshire

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