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  1. gatepost

    Texel problem

    As above, stops when weaned, no one seems to really know why, had 1 bought in ewe that did it 2 yrs running, must be something to do with energy reserve and milking, out of interest are the ones that do it related?
  2. gatepost

    jcb 525-67 steering

    Water in control box? if cab leaks.
  3. gatepost

    Field Archery as possible diversification option for woodland

    You may have come down and competed on our course? Deer Park Archers, quite a few yrs ago, I thought as a lay man we had the making of a cracking and challenging course, a great sport with a second to none heritage.
  4. gatepost

    Field Archery as possible diversification option for woodland

    Sorry to spoil the party, we set up a field archery site some yrs ago, we had a local club who we worked with, and a field archery group who also used the site, It can work well, we all learned the art and one daughter got quite good, BUT, no offence, trying to keep frustrated middle aged men...
  5. gatepost

    Call me Harry....

    No, call me Harry.
  6. gatepost

    Treasury eyeing up IHT reliefs in upcoming budget?

    That explains my predicament .
  7. gatepost

    Feeding cattle intended for grazing

    Every animal grows in what are called 'growth curves' if you imagine a spread out rainbow 1st curve is bone structure followed by muscle and lastly fat, you can see it in children as they grow and mature, so economic feeding depends on sex and early or late maturing type , you can advance or...
  8. gatepost

    Tackling succession (or not)

    Oh why can't the farming fraternity get their head around the idea, it's better to give with warm hands. this same basic scenario happened next door to me, ended up with broken ribs and a farm sale , and now the silly old coot is sitting on his millions in a little bungalow in suburbia with no...
  9. gatepost

    Living the lie .......

  10. gatepost

    Living the lie .......

    I just wish my wife would come as gay, that might explain a few things!
  11. gatepost

    Massey 590 Hydraulics

    Would it have been run on constant pumping without anything attached? I know from experience certainly on older MFs that the needle valve can get hot and stick, or had happened on a 565 I bought the connecting linkage had broken.
  12. gatepost

    Ford 6610 quadrant lever stuck.

    Just had a quick look in manual. I suspect either valve stuck or linkage problem and probably top off, but if your having a go, be careful as a couple of little bits can drop.
  13. gatepost

    Monbiot's TV show.....Apocalypse Cow: How Meat Killed the Planet

    You can include Blair and WMD in that
  14. gatepost

    Convert 50% of farmland to nature

    Some of the trials on organic matter at Rothamstead, have been going on since the 1890s , yes I was amazed to find that out.
  15. gatepost

    Convert 50% of farmland to nature

    Interesting stuff coming out of Rothamstead, once land has reached it's maximum carbon content , grassland with good organic soil content ,then that's your lot, also they have worked out that the Nitrous oxide levels emitted from trash left with mintil (aprox 10x more damaging than CO2) is...
  16. gatepost

    Convert 50% of farmland to nature

    Well the pressure is certainly being turned up, Mr Monbiot has an anti cattle program coming up and another on channel 4 called meat the animals or some such where folk are introduced to young animals then asked if they are to be returned to the food chain, I never believed in a overarching...
  17. gatepost

    Convert 50% of farmland to nature

    Agro forestry/already wilded,
  18. gatepost

    JD 2130 OPU cab split

    Thanks for that. will go and play.
  19. gatepost

    JD 2130 OPU cab split

    Have split one of these quite a few times with the old Duncan cab, but this ones got an OPU on it, is there an obvious way , or has the cab to be tilted back to get at the bell housing bolts? cheers.

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