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    Texel sale

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    Orphan lamb

    I have an orphan lamb who lost its mum at about 1-2wks old. 2 weeks later and she’s still refusing the bottle. We have to tube feed her to get anything down which has become a pain to say the least. We’ve tried letting her for longer so that she gets hungry, little and often, different teats...
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    Chocolate Sprocker Pups

    For sale. 6 chocolate Sprocker pups. Mother is cocker spaniel, our family pet and working dog. Stud is a pedigree working springer spaniel. 5 boys and 1 girl available. Ready for their new homes 9/03/19. Deposit will secure your pup of choice. Pups will be fully vaccinated and microchipped...
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    Scanned Easycare ewes for sale

    7 Easycare ewes scanned with triplets for sale. Due beginning-mid March. 2 x 2yr old & 5 x full mouth ewes. £80
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    Texel & Beltex Sale

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    Easycares and blowfly

    How many of you who keep shedders and use a preventative treatment for blowfly? Also, how Easycare are your easycares? Do you dose with various drenches or simply treat any issues if/when they occur?
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    Flock grazing strategy

    What is the best way to manage the land/flock I have - especially over winter. I’m new to sheep. This year I’ll have approximately 35 ewes & 2 Rams. I have access to land which is split into the following sizes: 1/2 acre, 1acre, 5acre and 15 acres. Last year I was overstocked at 50 ewes and...
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    Hampshire Rams for sale

    Pair of 2yr old Hampshire rams for sale. Sold as pair or willing to split. £175 North Pembrokeshire
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    Wanted: Dorset ram

    I’m after a Dorset ram for a small number of Dorset ewes. North Pembrokeshire / south Ceredigion area.
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    Hampshire x Easycare ewe lambs for sale

    15 ewe lambs for sale. From Easycare ewes and Hampshire rams. Born between 1st March and 15th April. All fully weaned and available from end of June. £90 Also available - ram lambs and some black lambs from Jacob x Hampshire.

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