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  1. Riddle

    All things Dairy

    The cakes aren't bad either ;)
  2. Riddle

    M ost profitable beef system...

    Very true but thats based on 100 cows (we have a potential grazing platform of 200acres, so not going to stay 100 cows for to long) we are also very lucky in that we can set up with no borrowings, as have a parlour, cubicles, slurry storage etc and have already sourced our dairy cows so we're...
  3. Riddle

    M ost profitable beef system...

    100 mainly sim x sucklers but getting some aa x and hereford x's coming through now, put to mainly ch ai bulls with a bit of lim. late feb to the beginning of may calving (most march calving) out at grass ASAP, rotational grazed through the summer with creep introduced when the quality is going...
  4. Riddle

    Whats in your AI tank??

    From off the top of my head, we've got: Ch Blelack digger Alwent goldbar Thrunton Fairfax Sackville Felix Sim Keeldrum Clio Popes Barclay Lim Chytodden Conan BB Auchenlay Echo Some Fert + and a few odds and sods
  5. Riddle

    Panorama not the EA's fault

  6. Riddle

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year all
  7. Riddle

    Happy christmas

    Happy Christmas all, work done check. Now for the festivities :) have a good one everyone!
  8. Riddle

    Synchronising sucklers to AI

    Yeah I have got on very well with nautical seems to be a good all rounder and have some nice heifers. Have got a few to calve to Clio for the spring, he is meant to be really easy calving but will see
  9. Riddle

    Culard Charolais - Double muscled

    Someone once told me that there is more variation within a breed then between breeds, (Use the wrong bull in any breed and your going to have c sections) we use many Charolais but have a few blue calves a year. The charolais works well for us as we sell all our calves liveweight as stores at...
  10. Riddle

    Grass Management software

    We use agrinet and have got on well with it
  11. Riddle

    Experience the big wide agricultural world

    Yeah I agree I did 2 breeding seasons after uni (2010+2011) for genus in oz,(also went to Poland and Germany) really enjoyed it saw and learn't a lot and made a lot of good friends, would very much recommend getting out and seeing farming in other country's
  12. Riddle

    Views on AI for suckler replacements

    we ai everything (on natural heats, with the aid of kamars and tail paint) and have had really good results with 75% in calf to first serve, have used abit of Dinton Nautical for the last two years (as i like him for a replacement bull) and have had a couple of big calves, did use him on two...
  13. Riddle

    Livestock pictures

    One of last years calves sired by Auchenlay Echo (BB) from a blonde x sim cow

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