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  1. greasemonkey1980

    Graham Roberts

    Very sad news, thoughts are with his family. Thank you dealer for letting us know.
  2. greasemonkey1980

    Electric winders

    Thanks for the score sheet Dealer, I think it was one of those days that we can gain experience from. My opening and start were no good and as Roy said to loose points early on is only going to effect the rest of the plot.
  3. greasemonkey1980

    Electric winders

    Difficult to tell from my phone but I would of put 33 and 29 close together 1st & 2nd and not placed 27 as 3rd. That was next to my plot! ?
  4. greasemonkey1980

    Electric winders

    Just wondering how you got on at Morville yesterday Dealer? I couldn't stop for the results, needed to get home, then had a blow out on the trailer half way back! Do you have a photo of the classic results by any chance? I was abit further down with the super dexta.

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