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    Stubble turnips for seed

    Could I sell a bag of spuds with half a tonne of free bird seed?
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    Stubble turnips for seed

    can't find anything about levies on stubble turnip seed. Got 10 acres, would keep me supplied for a few years!
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    Stubble turnips for seed

    We have a field of stubble turnips which are now starting to flower, it is a clean crop with small bulb, and was due to be grazed earlier and go to Spring barley. I am wondering if it would be worth leaving to combine for seed, to provide entry for a first wheat? Has anyone done this before?
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    Calve with turned in front feet

    We used to have a few of these and vet advised to give 10ml Alamycin LA as soon as possible after birth. I know it sounds crazy, but it worked every time as long as we injected soon after birth. Some were quite bad, and I doubt would have come right on their own. Prior to this we used different...
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    R T. Visits

    Should really be a PA course and test for hand washing, along with membership of NRoSO, and an annual test on the brush and bucket.
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    Can a farmer claim government virus aid money.

    Good luck trying to do that with a non assured chipping variety out of ambient store.
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    Can a farmer claim government virus aid money.

    Farm with chipping potatoes in store with virtually no market left?
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    Yes I am getting daily e-mails linking mapping updates. No doubt they will use this to hold up last years mid tier payment.:rolleyes:
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    Anyone Received Environmental Payments for 2019

    Nothing here yet. Do I renew for another 5 years mmmmmm ?
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    loss of production due to ELMS

    I am in the same position considering renewing mid tier. Entering mid tier for five more years does nothing to replace BPS as the payment rates are the same as the last five years, when full BPS was paid. In addition, costs have risen associated with the scheme, and will continue to do so. It...
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    TFF's ELMS Questions time ?

    Assuming fencing for resource protection is an option, would it be possible to fund a replacement where an old fence which is no longer fit for purpose is/was, but where it was funded by a grant in the past, as it is not eligible under mid-tier etc at present?
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    TFF's ELMS Questions time ?

    Could we have shorter payment windows which are legally binding and cannot be changed? (Particularly helpful for those of us who have to pay rent many months before payment)
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    3 crop rule

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    Would we be mad?

    Fair point about lambs at the minute but most of the year they are normally better boxed
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    Would we be mad?

    This is a very good point,
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    AB15 2 year legume fallow

    Being an FBT tenant makes it a more difficult decision, but I tend to agree a one year roll over is neither here nor there. Another 5 year agreement or out at the end of the year. It is a gamble as to what the profitability of cropping and stock is going to be over the next 5 years compared to...
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    Reduction rates for BPS 2021

    May be some tenant farmers (especially FBT) cut and run?
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    ELMS plans unveiled.

    Go ab11 after ab9 and then in wheat
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    ELMS plans unveiled.

    This is what I fear.

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