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  1. ZXR17

    Secrets of your Supermarket food . Channel 5 on now .

    At last a very positive programme about the dairy industry and its products . Excellent interview with a Welsh dairy farmer , Abbi ,who spoke very well about the whole job . The programme also went on to dispel the myths of ' healthy ' non milk products . Also lactose intolerance discussed and...
  2. ZXR17

    World Superbike Championship

    Exciting start to the season at Philip Island . 1st four riders over the line together . I think Jonnie Rea will have a bit more competition this year . Second race should be exiting . F1 , watch and learn .
  3. ZXR17

    Self propelled sprayer tyres

    Some advice please . I have a Househam AR 3000 that came on Trelleborg flotations which looked great , big wide cleats with a diamond pattern in the centre and so lots of rubber on the ground but basically it is a trailer tyre and not a driven tyre . The only problem is that our ground is all...
  4. ZXR17

    I had to put this poor chap out of his misery today .

    I wasn't sure which section to put this in . I found this poor roe buck out in one of our fields this afternoon . I've not seen fly strike on a deer before . Grizzly photo alert !
  5. ZXR17

    Teejet Matrix Pro 570gs versus Pro 840gs

    What is the difference between these two monitors except the size and £ 400 for the larger screen . Has anyone used both and is the extra cost worth it ? The spec looks virtually the same or have I missed something ?
  6. ZXR17

    What do you think this 6910 would be worth ?

    Possibly selling our 6910 and wondering what the value would be . If we get another Jd we will keep the front weight .
  7. ZXR17

    Trimble fm 750 + ez steer

    My Trimble 750 won't lock on to auto steer mode . I can have the tractor on line and the red steering wheel will not change to yellow to show that it is ready to switch to auto steer . It has been mucking around for the last few days but often would work if I turned the monitor off and...
  8. ZXR17

    Well , Weymouth Has gone up market .

    Spotted moored in Weymouth Bay yesterday and today . $ 200 million super yacht Black Pearl owned by a very wealthy Russian . The sails have built in solar panels and the yacht is capable of 30 knots under sail . There are some great videos of it under full sail. Weymouth is obviously the place...
  9. ZXR17


    Our sweetcorn is setting seed in the tassles. I've not seen this before , what would cause this ?
  10. ZXR17

    Foliar N on winter wheat

    What products are being used and what timings and gains can be expected ? Thanks .
  11. ZXR17

    Post flowering N on oilseed rape

    Does anyone do this and what gains are you seeing ?
  12. ZXR17

    Groundsel in horse hay

    A friend makes hay for horses and has read that groundsel is poisonous to horses . How serious is it and how much groundsel in the hay would be a problem ?
  13. ZXR17


    Flag leaf half emerged on Zyatt now.
  14. ZXR17

    Wild carrot ?

    I am having increasing problems with this in all crops . Is anyone else having issues with it and what are you using to control it ?
  15. ZXR17

    Wildlife question

    Saw this in a local pet shop and was wondering whether you are supposed to put the two bowls of food next to each other in your garden so that you can watch the three lovely animals feeding together . Or do you save half the money , just buy the hedgehog food , and watch the cuddly furry black...
  16. ZXR17

    Horse shoe tile drains

    What age would a drainage system be using horse shoe tile drain laterals running into a stone headland drain ? I have just dug into a system as above and was surprised to find the horse shoe drains and even more surprised that they fed into a stone drain. The drains are virtually blocked solid...
  17. ZXR17

    RDS Artemis Isocan seed metering help needed

    I have just taken delivery of a 4.8 Weaving Sabre Tine drill to replace a KV 4.8 Tine seeder. The Weaving is fitted with an RDS Artemis metering system. We calibrated the drill for 2.6 kg / ha of OSR several times and achieved a perfect to the gram calibration . The weighed out calibration...
  18. ZXR17

    Part Worn 600/65/28 front tyre for Fendt 820

    As above . Just had a tyre blow out on our 820 . Need a part worn , as long as it is sound , to match what is on the tractor. Doesn't matter what make but a Michelin would be preferable .
  19. ZXR17

    Drills: Kverneland - Kverneland TS 4.8m

    Drills: Kverneland - Kverneland TS 4.8m Category: Drills Manufacturer: Kverneland Price: £5750 Condition: Used Description: Kverneland TS 4.8 Good working condition. Very low running costs. Has been drilling 220 ha per year in the last seven years. Some spare parts , see photo...
  20. ZXR17

    JCB 535 95 Torque converter problem ?

    I was pushing up a dung lump with the JCB when it decided it didn't want to move anymore after moving the forward / reverse lever. I could feel it try to move but it wouldn't actually move. I left it a few minutes and tried it again and it was fine so returned to the yard. It also had quite a...

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