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    Market Rasen, Lincolnshire to Margate, Kent

    Two row crop wheels 46r Rims with tyres fitted Asap Pickup Sandy Lane Farm, North Willingham, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire LN8 3RH delivery Woodchurch farm Park road Birchington Kent Ct7 0he Thanks 07825641904
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    Puma 230/ t7 row crops

    Don’t suppose anyone has some for sale? Ideally solid rim.
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    Puma row crops right or wrong

    Case Puma 230 cvx row crops. How do I know if the rolling radius is correct? I’m fairly sure they will be right but want to be certain! I’ve asked the dealer but the are taking a while to get back to me. 380/90r46 380/85r30 thanks!
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    Michelin 540/65r30 30% tread

    Michelin multibib 530/65r30 with about 30% tread. Plenty of life left in them. Also have the matching rears 650/65r42 but they have cuts in the side wall. Still hold air with about 30% tread left £250 each for the fronts Offers for the rears Elliott 07825641904
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    Horstine seeder

    For spares as it’s not working. Think the control box is faulty No idea what it’s worth, but feel it’s worth more than £350! Thanks Elliott 07825641904
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    Rtk base station cost

    Has anyone done it recently? We run Topcon, Greenstar, and occasionally Trimble. Having problems with losing signal on ntrip on the x30 Topcon in the sprayer. Just wondering if it would make sense in having our own radio signal. Many thanks Elliott
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    Used tractor warranty

    Hello! Looking at purchasing a used fastrac 4220 but it would probably be without warranty 3-4000 hours. I’m a bit nervous about having one without warranty. Has anyone bought a separate warranty type package for a used tractor? Many thanks Elliott
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    Ez pilot steering motor.

    Ez pilot steering motor needed ASAP! Thanks Elliott 07825641904
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    Ez pilot up the pictures!

    Has anyone else had an Trimble ez pilot steering wheel motor go wrong? It was working hard but doing a good job keeping dead straight drilling maize, so was rattling a bit. Then all of a sudden stopped working! It will engage but can’t pull itself on line or stay on line. Happened Thursday...
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    Lemken europal depth wheel chain breaking

    Would anyone be able to take a picture of their one that works! Ours keeps breaking the d shackle and pin that it fixes to on the plough. It’s been fixed a few times but now we are thinking something isn’t right there. Many thanks Elliott
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    Trailed sumo trio/ quattro 5-6 meter

    5.5m or 6.5m wanted. 4.5m considered. Any spec or condition considered. Trio or Quattro. Many thanks Elliott 07825641904
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    S790 John Deere combine

    Anyone running one or another model in the range? Is there much improvement over the s690? Thoughts on the draper header?
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    Tyres good or bad. 650/65r42

    Hello, just about to purchase a new set of 650/65r42 for a puma 230. Have a set of bkt in the same size on our 7530 and they hum quite a lot over 40k on the road. The new set on the puma will be doing a lot of road work and it won’t be me driving so as attractive as the price is I’m reluctant...
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    simtech-aitchison drill wanted.

    3 meter drill wanted. Box hooper type. Many thanks Elliott 07825641904
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    John Deere weight carrier frame

    Not much to say about it really. £50 Any questions please call me Elliott 07825641904 Located in Margate, Kent.
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    John Deere 2630 and 3000 reciever

    John Deere 2630 screen and 3000 reciever wanted. SF1, SF2 or rtk. Many thanks Elliott 07825641904
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    Drilling on sf1

    Hello just wondering if there are people out there drilling on sf1 satisfactorily? We need another 2630 screen and 3000 receiver but all our others are rtk. Any second hand units about?
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    Amazone za-m Nitram 36 meter settings

    Hello! Just wondering what settings people are using for cf nitram 34.5% at 36 meters on an amazone za-m. It only goes to 30 meters in the book..... Thanks!
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    Topdown leg pins seized!

    Hello again! Doing a bit of maintenance work on a 2011 topdown 6m. The guy that usually does the winter maintenance on it every year says that the leg pins are mostly always seized. Grease rock hard in the grease channels and around the pin. Eventually gets them free in hydraulic press and then...
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    Prilled nitrogen at 36 meters

    Hello Just wondering what nitrogen people are successfully spreading at 36m? Going from all liquid to now putting solid on at flag leaf to reduce scorch. Xtran was used last year. Looking to order soon so was wondering about alternatives. Thanks Elliott

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