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  1. RLSPlant

    Advertising boards

    Evening all, Hope we all had a good time over the festive period So I was thinking tonight about ways to draw an extra pound or three, I have an 80ft long shed which is adjacent to a walking path for dog walkers etc, does anyone rent wall space for advertising or such like, if so how much...
  2. RLSPlant

    Concrete panels

    Hello All, Anyone know the name of the lifter I need to lift these panels, hole is 10mm approx, I ordered a pair of 2.5t clutches as they were the smallest I could see on the market but are a mile too big Cheers Robert
  3. RLSPlant

    Diesel pump leak jcb 535

    Have a diesel leak on the side of the pump, seems to be 4 holes on the manifold body and looking at the pump the top one at 2 o clock is weeping but only at idle, anyone had this? Thanks
  4. RLSPlant

    Jcb 535 engine fuses blowing

    Hello all, So my 2002 535 produced a weird fault today, well yesterday I was working it between my place and a friends (9miles each way), now this has done this once before and a change of fuse fixed it instantly however this time I made said 9 mile journey to where I'm keeping my machine...
  5. RLSPlant

    Stone wall style

    So I have this stone stile on a wall boundary from my field into a neighbour's garden, looks to have been built in recently though before I owned the field, I wish to run stock fencing along this wall, my question is I see no reason for my neighbour to enter my field other than to trim back the...
  6. RLSPlant

    Jcb 535 rear hub seal

    Have a rear hub seal leaking on my 535, has anyone that's done one got any tips, I've done 4x4s and vans before but haven't tackled a JCB before 904/50009 & 904/M6779 are what the dealer said usually go hand in hand so that's what I bought Thanks in advance
  7. RLSPlant

    Transmission or hydraulic dip stick?

    Hi all, Can anyone identify this dip stick, is it transmission or hydraulic level? Thanks Robert
  8. RLSPlant

    JCB Tilt ram

    Hello all, So my machine has bad chrome on the ram and this has torn the seals causing a leak, in good faith I bought what was sold to me as a tilt ram off a 535, anyway I get round to fittingit and the ram is too short and the pins are a different diameter, have looked all over it for any part...
  9. RLSPlant

    SP Energy wayleave

    So I've taken on a bit of ground with power lines running across the land, 12 poles total (33kva) primary supply to the village and a single phase wire to a neighbour's water pump house I contacted sp energy once my offer was accepted and was abruptly told it had nothing to do with me as I...
  10. RLSPlant

    2002 JCB 535 - 95

    Hello All, Slight newbie question coming, Got my brand used machine delivered today which is newer and has more toys ive never used before, as titled its a 535 95, it has lever controls and factory pick up hitch, other than flicking the electrical switch, cant quite figure out how to get it to...

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