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    Nitrogen sensing

    As a word of warning, not all sensors are the same, it depends on want you want from the sensor, some sensors only read green reflection from the crop and can get saturated without filters, most have not had recent updates to their algorithms and have not been ground truthed against different...
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    After market air brakes

    I would ring Tractair for a price for a kit to fit your tractor. They should also have instructions if you want to fit it yourself.
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    750A coulter wear

    We have drilled this back end into cultivated soils from a carrier through to after a dtx. All looks good and came up very even. Just need to watch the pressure on the Coulters. Set about 40 on loose soil, up to 70 plus on firm soil. You get the depth even by uping the pressure when you have the...
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    750A coulter wear

    We have worn ours don't to 16 inch by moving the boots up to the upper hole as most of our drilling this year has been into moved or cultivated ground. This has worked for us and still got 2 depth settings left to go deeper. Seed depth has been very good and emergence very even. Will need to...
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    Greenstar ATU 200 on Challenger MT765B

    Try to select English as a language, the top box is farm or business, next 2 boxes do farm and field. 4th box does line type. E g straight. Select new line and set the above. Then drop points A and B. Then select steering on. There will be a help sheet on the net somewhere or ask dealer for one.
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    Greenstar ATU 200 on Challenger MT765B

    On a auto trac ready tractor there should be a socket on the corner post in the cab, this needs a cable to connect to the screen and there should be a cable to connect to the receiver in the cab roof. If you have non of these then you need a loom that connects all three. Your local JD dealer...
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    Greenstar ATU 200 on Challenger MT765B

    Sorry to appears like, but if your tractor is green star ready then why do you need an atu steering wheel. If the tractor is not steering ready then you need a different loom with a plug connection for the atu steering wheel
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    Greenstar ATU 200 on Challenger MT765B

    you get an adaptor from JD dealer that plugs into the loom, this comes with a switch included but you can replace the switch with the foot pedal and then position this on the cab floor where you feel most comfortable with it, ours is lose so it can be moved to suit each driver and be put to...
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    Greenstar ATU 200 on Challenger MT765B

    You can get a switch that connects into the loom or as we have done is cut the switch off and wire up a foot switch which works really well.
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    750a Isobus Calibration

    We use an aluminium folding ramp from machine mart, cut down a bit so it sits on the steps when folded up, the tray just sits on this when calibrating
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    Kws Montana

    I have harvested mine that is for seed, it has yield approx 7.5t/ha. Yield affected by drilling date -25 Oct, and slug pressure that affected plant stand on 10 ha. I have no protein results etc yet.
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    750a fert tubes

    Thanks for info, ordered now.
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    750a fert tubes

    Clive I have just bought a 4m, 750a and am looking for some fert tubes like yours, Have you any available and how much? neyorks

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