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    Lumps of gristle blocking test canal

    Having never found a truly successful way to remove these lumps thought I’d ask here. For me it’s usually local anaesthetic then the cap from an intermammary tube to try and widen teat enough to force lump out. Any one have other ways of dealing with them?
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    Secondhand Shakaerator

    Looking at buying a secondhand one as can’t justify the new prices. Anything in particular to watch out for. See several very cheap but guess there’s a reason. Many Thanks in advance.
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    And it’s not even a bank holiday weekend!!

    The suns finally coming out and drying the ground up enough to get on when ..... I’ve always wondered about those rubber dampers on drawbars but never thought that this would be the issue with them. Luckily the pipes from the pump to the tank held and stopped it going right over.

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