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    Heat Supply Contract

    Hello, We have a biomass boiler which provides heat to 4 homes, two of which are privately owned. Up until now we have billed the owners quarterly based on their heat usage. One of the homes has now been put on the market and their solicitor has asked for a formal contract to be drawn up...
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    Genuine Vs Non Genuine KV Boards

    Hi, I’m looking to change the boards on my 4F KV plough (No. 8 Bodies) I can get genuine ones for £119 each and non for £69. Are the genuine ones worth the extra? We plough roughly 200 acre each year on a mixture of heavy clay to loam ground. Thanks
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    Ellipse Fabrications Sheep Polytunnel

    Hi all, I'm looking into putting up a 100ft by 30ft polytunnel for housing ewes. Have spoken to a number of different companies but came across Ellipse at Scotsheep and thought it looked well enough built, also competitively priced. Has anyone had any experience of their tunnels? Thanks in...
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    MF 3600 PTO Problem

    Hi all, My MF 3690 has developed a PTO problem. After 10-30 seconds after it has been engaged, the PTO stops turning. Yellow dash light remains on. I have just fitted a new PTO speed sensor to try and solve the problem, but to no avail. Datatronic screen does show a reading when its turning...
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    Massey Ferguson Error Code

    Hello, I keep getting the error code E. 9 on my MF6280. The tractor has the SMS electric spools. When the code comes up the electric spools stop working completely and I have to restart the tractor in order to get them to work again. I am also getting 8 flashes from the red light in the blue...
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    Hoggs with CCN/Listeriosis symptoms

    Looking for help from the collective wisdom of the forum please. I have a batch of 280 in-lamb ewe hoggs that are due to start lambing on the 15th. Sadly 8 of them so far have gone down with CCN/Listeriosis like symptoms (wandering, star gazing and eventually becoming recumbent and then...
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    Mineral Best Before Date

    Hi all, looking for your views on this. I have a few bags of ewe minerals from last years lambing that have a before date of July 2017, 6 months after manufacture. Am I short changing the ewes feeding these minerals? Do they degrade that quickly? Thanks
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    Crittal Grain Bin Walling

    Hello, I'm looking for 6x 3m (10ft) Crittal grain walling panels. If you have any or know the whereabouts of some please get in contact. Thanks
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    New Zealand Trip

    I'm going to New Zealand for three weeks in January on a holiday/"learning experience". I'm hiring a car and will be traveling around both North and South Island. What are the "must go see" things. Don't want to come home after trip and somebody says, "You should have gone and seen ........."...
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    Field Drain Finder

    Hi all, I'm looking for some kind of drain finder?? The type you can attach to a jetter and locate from above iyswim. Any recommendations? Thanks
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    Kongskilde Blower

    Hello, I am looking for a Konskilde grain blower, any size considered. Thanks
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    Do you think I should roll it???

    Winter Wheat sown on Monday/Tue. Been a bit wet the last few days.....
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    Combine Header Fingers

    How do you tell when it is time to replace them? Or is it just a case of running the grinder along the cutting edge to bring them back up to scratch. Thanks
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    Are Aber grass varieties worth the premium?

    Just pricing a silage mix up and thought I'd ask the question. Does anyone have experience of them, good or bad? Thanks
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    Combine Rear Wheels

    Thinking of putting wider rubber on the rear axle of the combine. Current set are 16.5/85/24 on 15/24 rims. How wide can I go on these rims? There appears to be plenty "room" for bigger tyres. Thanks
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    Rumen Fluke

    Hello. Just wanting to pick the brains of the forum regarding rumen fluke. We have just received fecal sample results which show the presence of them. We became suspicious after hearing stories of cows being lost locally, as our own cattle have not "freshened up" as well as I hoped at grass. I...
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    Aussies resort to shooting cattle
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    KRM Bredal F2

    Hello. Do any of you have any experience of one of these? It's a 2nd hand machine I'm looking at and was wondering if there is anything particular to look out for. Thanks
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    Albrecht / Kinsey or bust?

    After spending three days in the audience at Neal Kinsey's seminar last week and speaking to many of the other attendees. I came away with the feeling that this is the only way to go. Higher yields, better quality and improved stock health. It all seemed almost too good to be true. So where is...

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