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    Wiring a three phase motor

    Motor on 6 inch auger went bang, sent it off to be looked at and made a note of connections, motor not repairable so ended up with a new one, know how to wire it up but should it be done star or delta? Electrician in hospital having on op today so not available to ask
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    JD 6320 pto display

    digital display on dash board just reads 0. Speed and revs reads as normal and pto works ok. Any ideas before I make a phone call ?
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    Spring Wheat/Barley seed

    2 tonnes C2 spring wheat (Belpie if available) 1 tonne C2 spring Barley All sp dressing, 500 Kg bags del ASAP to DN17
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    How much

    How much do you think this was/should be
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    Sprayer Shrewsbury to Scunthorpe

    24m 1200l tractor mounted sprayer potentially to be moved.Going to look at it Tuesday but need an idea of transport cost and timescale.
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    Spring Barley seed

    3 tonnes of spring barley seed,grown for feed so open to varieties available,SPD,delivery to DN17 Thanks for looking
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    Stolen John Deere tractor and trailer sprayer

    stolen last night from our yard in North Lincolnshire John Deere 6320 tractor and mounted John Deere 510 sprayer Wife posting that's why sketchy but number plate WAS FA04KHT
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    9.6m rolls

    looking for a set of new rolls to fit in with 28m tramlines,anybody make a set of 9.6m?
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    Double Top or similar

    9 tonnes (15 x 600 kg) double top type fert asap del to DN17
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    Manitou mlt 524

    anybody got one, what to look out for? Might be going to look at one,year 2000 lowish hours what sort of value?
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    Cocker Spaniel pups

    Blue Roan show type cocker pups 5 dogs and 1 bitch left, born 30/08/14 ready end of October KC registered wormed and first vacs. pm for more info. Mrs Trebor
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    Glass hire ?

    Trying to hire some sherry glasses for a wake and can not find a supplier. Any ideas much appreciated.
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    MF 34 drill

    Is there any value in one or is it scrap. Red 15 row disc drill.No markers,small wheels,grain only with a bent bar at rear that harrows hang on.
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    Rented property question

    We have a few rented properties separate to partnership. One of them still has single glazed windows if we replaced these with upvc double glazed would this be offsetable against rent for tax purposes as a repair or would they be an 'improvement' and disallowed.
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    Kverneland 2600

    On behalf of a friend. KV 2600 rigged with bar share(used to lift beetroot) but comes with shares etc for potatoes and picking off table for 4 peoplequality of .Kept as back up machine but not used for 3 years hence reason for sale.Sorry for quality of photos but any more details please pm. Open...
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    Horse Grazing

    On behalf of sisters friend so dont know many details.She has horses and has the chance of a grass field but has to make an offer.Assume fenced with water but no shelter with good grass.All arable here so need a bit of advice
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    6480 error code

    Tractor losing power when in work with warning lights flashing and error 110 showing.Anybody know what 110 means.Fitter coming Monday am. TIA
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    Dual Wheels

    I know its not right but can you use larger duals than the tractor wheel and what would the problem be if I did. ie 18.4 x 38 or 20.8 x 38 on to a 16.9 x 38 tyre.
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    Come Dine with Me

    Channel 4 next week(5.30 pm 01.07.13) local farmer is on all week. Some may know of him from when he was a contributor to the yellow peril as an arable farmer.
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    Non delivery of fert

    Ordered in January for January delivery. Payment month following delivery. Still not here keep getting told will be here tomorrow etc. What would you do in my position?

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