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    Today at work

    Fitted this today, thanks to Fraser b.
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    5” bsp weld on nipple

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    Another sunrise, 22nd September just before the weather broke 😡
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    Vaderstad carrier alternative

    Another vote for the invertamax.
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    Lemken Rubin 9

    Seen it happen before, if chrome rods are the same length it should rule it out 🤔
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    Lemken Rubin 9

    As long as the nut holding the end on the piston isn’t coming undone 🤔
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    Today at work

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    Today at work

    Disc and coulter change👍
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    Workshop airline

    John Guest push fit.
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    Manitou MB25

    2.5 ton🤔
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    Steam cleaner high pressure chemical kit

    Steamers Used Machinery Vacuum Cleaners PRESSURE WASHER - GOLD PWG15-200T We have one of these, it does high pressure detergent. @croppers will know about them. £2,495.00 (ex VAT) SKU: 403CSSHOT15- Quantity Add to cart
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    For cab over Pete.

    Came up on Facebook, thought this looks an absolute beast😂
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    For cab over Pete.

    How about this for a spreader.
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    Drilling anyone?

    Did we really have these conditions this year 🤔
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    Good quality cantilever tool box ?

    What make is that?, looks a good idea.
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    Project Xerion.

    Taken from soil essentials on Facebook, did you see this Pete.
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    Today at work

    Never thought I’d be back at this today.
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    Today at work

    From when the sun was still shining.
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    Today at work

    Refuelling for the day.

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