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  1. Adam@Rumen

    Leaving machines running when not in use

    Do you? If you're getting back on/in it, how long is acceptable to keep it running?
  2. Adam@Rumen

    Narrower JCB headstock

    Hi Use a construction spec 531-70 for moving pallets and IBCs around at one of our sites. It has got the standard Q fit headstock, but this is wider than some of the pallets so can be a pain when loading and stacking. Is there any way to change to a narrower headstock? It only ever has pallet...
  3. Adam@Rumen

    Digging & Planning for hard standing area

    Hi Wanting a bit of a hardstanding area in a field to park some kit on. Will keep it under 465 m2 to keep it within permitted development rights and so I won't need to get any consent? Would JFDI but I've a feeling one of the neighbours might be a bit of a bellend. Whats the best way to...
  4. Adam@Rumen

    Choppers on tracks?

    I've never seen a forage harvester on tracks... a lot of new combines are on tracks these days, how come choppers aren't? Or does anyone have one/seen one?
  5. Adam@Rumen

    What Telehandler to get?

    Hi Fed up of moving telehandler between sites, so want to get another one to keep permanently at an unmanned site we have. With it being unmanned I don't want anything too flashy or expensive, it will also only do about 10 hours a week. A budget of £15k looks like it could get something half...
  6. Adam@Rumen


    Anyone used an online service for their land purchases/sales? Will be buying and selling a few bits and loathed to pay more than I have to just because someone's local.
  7. Adam@Rumen

    Home and Dry

    Hi We are pleased to announce that we have been made distributors of FiveF's Home 'n Dry. Please contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements. Many thanks Adam
  8. Adam@Rumen

    Forklift/telehandler wanted

    Hi Looking for a forklift or a telehandler please. Only going to be used on a site for shifting a few pallets around so the less glamorous (and cheaper...) the better. Cheers Adam
  9. Adam@Rumen

    Dropside trailer length - 14/16/18 foot

    Needing a dropside trailer to go behind pickup for running pallets about and other general stuff. 14-16 foot would be enough for what I need it for, but an 18 footer has come up locally for the same money. Are there any down sides to the extra length? I suppose I need to check how much weight...
  10. Adam@Rumen

    Change which subforums appear in New Posts search

    Hi I like to browse via New Posts but want to add some subforums into it (it doesn't show them all). Is this possible and how please? Thanks
  11. Adam@Rumen


    Megalac on for a bit of a price rise in the very near future - just a heads up. PM if you'd like a quote :whistle: (price depends on location & quantity)
  12. Adam@Rumen

    Any idea what a John Deere 1355 mower be worth?

    Hi We have a Deere 1355 mower we are thinking of selling due to lack of use. 8 years old, owned from new, and done at the most 50 acres a year. Can’t find any for sale so does anyone have any idea what it’d be worth? Thanks
  13. Adam@Rumen

    Old digger - Hitachi UH052

    Have an old digger that's been left outside here, 10T UH052. It's been parked up for at least 10 years but was believed to be working up to that point. Cabs not in a good state but the rest of it is ok... is it worth anything in parts or best just to scrap it? What sort of value? Haven't tried...
  14. Adam@Rumen

    Wanted - Pickup

    Hi Got through another pickup... :rolleyes: Looking for a replacement, ideally post 2016 but could be interested in anything. Want a decent spec, leather etc. Cheers
  15. Adam@Rumen

    PDV Salt For Sale

    Evening I've been offered some PDV salt at a big discount to usual prices - price depends on delivery location. Send me a message if this is of interest, quite a few people stocking up on it because of the price and there is a limited quantity. Adam
  16. Adam@Rumen

    Nissan Navara D40 2005-2015 Chassis Inspection

    Hi I'm sure there are a few of us on here with a D40 Navara so thought I would do a write up on the current chassis inspections, I'm sure there are plenty of folk who aren't aware... It is well know that the D40 has a weak chassis and eventually splits in half. Nissan are doing something about...
  17. Adam@Rumen

    Animax Boluses

    Hi We are now supplying Animax boluses - contact me for more information/requirements. Cheers Adam Rumen Supplies
  18. Adam@Rumen

    Wanted: Auto Scrapers

    Hi Looking for some automatic scrapers, either chain or ratchet. Pollock would be nice but will look at anything that's available. Cheers
  19. Adam@Rumen

    Dealing with rushes...

    Hi I'm going to have to leave the office and do some proper work in the next few weeks... An increasing number of our fields have rushes on, some have almost completely taken over the fields. What's going to be the best way of dealing with them? Have weed wiper, sprayer, topper, mower, just...
  20. Adam@Rumen

    Mineral Prices... Coming Back

    As I'm sure you are aware, we've experiences some very high mineral prices this year off the back of a fire in the German BASF Citral plant. The repairs have all been completed and the Citral tanks are now believed to be full. We will see this Citral being made for vitamin production late...

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