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  1. Farmer_Joe

    Who’s buying gear ?

    not me and no plans too! from my perspective you would have to be a very brave man to do so, why not wait 12 months just to see how everything pans out...
  2. Farmer_Joe

    Prolapse ewes, much higher than normal?

    i know it dont really help, but im glad its not just me! interesting you mention about one that got missed but was fine after... im still certain the weather has a part to play as others have mentioned above, from wet new year, or fine weather plenty of grass for tupping...
  3. Farmer_Joe

    Prolapse ewes, much higher than normal?

    ive got really good quality dry hayladge this year, and to be fair i obviously not feeding it now as grass is growing, compare that with last winters whee they got super wet silage second cut they got and not one prolapse! alot of green tag ones (including the 2 i found today), which make the...
  4. Farmer_Joe

    Prolapse ewes, much higher than normal?

    Found 2 more today, thankfully there lambing fast nearly a 3rd through em. Nearly run out of spoons do ring the rep for more. He said local farmer blames it on condition or to much of it during tupping fatty uterus or something making less room?
  5. Farmer_Joe

    Prolapse ewes, much higher than normal?

    I felt like this, had a really bad triplet and vet said over phone it was doomed. Which suspected as intestines were out she told me how to do c section just after shooting it all lambs also dead it quite depressing was a nice young sheep too. I had to shoot 3 before I even started lambing this...
  6. Farmer_Joe

    Prolapse ewes, much higher than normal?

    So i usually cull prolapsed ewes, tend to get very few maybe 1 a year and it often an old girl ive let have 1 more year, but to be fair its usually every other year i see one. this year ive had 2 rigged prolapse and push all there guts out, so badly they had to be put down (never had to do...
  7. Farmer_Joe

    Harrowing horse fields!!??

    rolled out horse paddock when it was still soft ish did a good job, other areas may want light pass with power harrow but it improved massively. if its dried up loads roller wont do much... just a not on that as its so rough where horses have been i was super steady rolling so take that into...
  8. Farmer_Joe

    John Deere 6215r ........any good?

    cant comment on specifics but contractor i use has jd auto power everything he loves them, cant rate them highly enough and does alot of hours. Hes just upgraded something similar (30 series to new r)but was kind of saying they still only do same job is there really such a difference worth...
  9. Farmer_Joe

    Where are all the eggs?

    H ha same here!!
  10. Farmer_Joe

    Massey 7480 error code.

    mined did your original code for ages if it was slow to start, eventually it came on during operation then just would not start, i did loads of testing on my pump the electric bit was fine but when i sent off it was goosed mechanically. managed to get a returned gen Perkins one cheap. if...
  11. Farmer_Joe

    Massey stainless straight pipe

    if you fancied a ride out to Yorkshire as an essential journey i would have it for £150 :ROFLMAO:
  12. Farmer_Joe

    My First Tractor

    this was mine, got it in 2006 i think with a ceased engine for £250, we fit another engine. Cab and stuff was really good shape and had 2 spools and working torque amplifier. It woked well but the replacement engine was fairly average i had always intended to rebuild the original but never got...
  13. Farmer_Joe

    My First Tractor

    my understands of such things where multiple engines are fitted is supply issues i could be wrong? my experience is the tractors were ahead of their time but the std intentional engines were rubbish(but they did keep going just badly), well compared to perkins as jd engines were terrible at time...
  14. Farmer_Joe

    Most Liable Tractor on the British Market

    That sounds possile if you look how high up the pole it travelled to make it snap,
  15. Farmer_Joe

    My First Tractor

    i had a 574 for yesrs, it was a really handy little tractor, it was a breather and used oil but to be fair the international engines all seem the same like that, pretty crap, 475 had a Perkins engine which was much better if you could get one of thise you would definately be on a winner! Apart...
  16. Farmer_Joe

    John Deere R series cab mountings

    yes that looks close, thats a pickle!
  17. Farmer_Joe


    local contractor runs k2's
  18. Farmer_Joe


    i can understand complaints if it a new machine, ive got a 2006 machine and ive had to repaint the door, smallest crack to the black paint and rust gets in, however it not new, also i forgive it as its a brilliant machine,. its the first ones with the jcb engine with over 7500 hours starts...
  19. Farmer_Joe

    Honda 420 2003

    battery goosed?
  20. Farmer_Joe

    Farm Assurance - again

    yes completely, people dont give a toss they just want local food, if they see you delivering it i think thats satisfys the fact its not 'factory farming' good for you, try get spuds carrots veg and meat on yer deliveries if possible!

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