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  1. Adam@Rumen

    Banking at present

    My local Barclays is open and I have paid cheques in recently at the counter and on the machine. Shorter hours though, 9.30 until 2. Next town along has the machine outside like a cash point which will be handy out of hours. Guess you'd need a card to use one though, you may as well get one?
  2. Adam@Rumen

    All things Dairy

  3. Adam@Rumen

    Colostrum Defrosting

    The surface area improvement of a freezer/zip lock/colostrum bag will make the biggest difference over a big thick milk bottle. Bugger all extra cost too so well worth a go.
  4. Adam@Rumen

    Which Telehandler?

    On JCBs, I think it'll be hard to find anything above a 7 metre boom and a pickup hitch. Not impossible, but pretty rare.
  5. Adam@Rumen

    Digging & Planning for hard standing area

    Hi I need to look at the groundwork side of this now. Plan is 40 metres by 25 metres of hard standing (doesn’t have to be concrete) which would take 44 tonne wagons on it, and a 20 metre by 10 metre basic steel frame shed on the hard standing. How would those in the know attack this? Thanks!
  6. Adam@Rumen

    Best 1st car

    Check the insurance first... expect big money
  7. Adam@Rumen

    School Closures

    One way to keep lambing labour costs down
  8. Adam@Rumen

    New Defenders Group on Facebook?

    Guy up the road bought a new 720, he's lost over £100k on it in 2 years.
  9. Adam@Rumen

    New Defenders Group on Facebook?

    I think it's to gradually get people used to the way it looks - there were months of "leaked" pictures. Whenever something new comes out that looks different the majority of people hate it... then I suppose you get used to it and it grows on you.
  10. Adam@Rumen

    2nd hand telehandler for less than £10k

    That would be my suggestion too, something like this:
  11. Adam@Rumen

    Planning Applications, PD and the like (General Chat)

    I’m no George but have looked at this recently... 12 metre is the height unless by airport/airspace 20/25 metres from classified road livestock building has to be 400 metres from another dwelling, don’t think the limit for forage store is anything near that. Site size is 1000m2 max
  12. Adam@Rumen

    Leaving machines running when not in use

    This is exactly where it came from, a lad yesterday decided to leave the loader running for half an hour whilst he had his dinner... depreciation on top of the fuel for no reason.
  13. Adam@Rumen

    Leaving machines running when not in use

    Do you? If you're getting back on/in it, how long is acceptable to keep it running?
  14. Adam@Rumen

    Dairy Farm Jobs??? Interesting reaction!

    Sounds surprising. Someone I know visited 3 local places that were advertising for an assistant herdsman, they all offered him the job on the spot.
  15. Adam@Rumen

    Choice , 20 , 100 cow family run farms or one 2000 plus dairy farm ?

    All the 2000+ cow herds I know are family run
  16. Adam@Rumen

    Robotic Lawn Mowers - Come help us!

    Build one that does stripes in people's lawn. There's a large market for people with the disposable income for one, but want pretty stripes on the front lawn.
  17. Adam@Rumen

    What’s everyone footbathing with?

    I'm sure I read somewhere this week that auto footbaths are eligible on current Welsh Farm Business grant
  18. Adam@Rumen

    What’s everyone footbathing with?

    We do some but a fraction of the formalin. The CZF Plus product is about £1200 and our version is about £1000 depending on delivery location. Near enough double the price of straight formalin.
  19. Adam@Rumen

    What’s everyone footbathing with?

    Seen people do it with both copper/zinc sulphate most commonly but also formalin. Nothing science based, but I think fairy liquid breaks down any muck and helps product stick on.
  20. Adam@Rumen

    What’s everyone footbathing with?

    As for the temperature thing... At cold temperatures, formalin is less effective. However the solution adheres to the foot and heats up to a higher, more active temperature. Abstract from the published Dutch paper here: "Formalin (= approximately 35 per cent formaldehyde) foot baths are used...

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