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  1. airedale

    Today at work

    Video of crane lift last Thursday.
  2. airedale

    Today at work

    I wouldn't say that,got my brother to come with his drone. It cost some where around £1300 to lift 2 statics. There should be a video in a couple of days.
  3. airedale

    Today at work

    Something a bit different today,Siting static caravans with a crane.
  4. airedale

    Lamma 2020

    Going tommorrow with a mate from Skipton. Driving as train times and fares were not workable
  5. airedale

    National Road Run 2019

    Been here since dinner, currently back at hotel.just about to go back for meal and entertainment.
  6. airedale

    Tractor World Malvern

    Been at the show today, sick of cleaning tractors. Some very nice tractors are here. Had a quick look around auction,think I need a bigger trailer.
  7. airedale

    The All England Rural Counties Charity Tractor Road Run For Cancer Research UK

    It was a pleasure to have helped you. Best wishes from all of us at Lancliffe Park.
  8. airedale

    The All England Rural Counties Charity Tractor Road Run For Cancer Research UK

    @Pennine Ploughing stopped at off at Langcliffe Park this afternoon for a brew and to collect a few donations.
  9. airedale

    28’x10’ Static weight

    Could weigh around 4 ton. Would be best to move it with a compact tractor. If you are running across any grassed areas,run the caravan wheel on some track boards. If you get one stuck , the only way to get it out is to jack it up.
  10. airedale

    Tractor World

    Spent the weekend at the show, not as big as Malvern but saw some really nice tractors.Came home with something I didn't expect. Will post some pictures later
  11. airedale

    Tractor show Malvern

    Been here since 10 . All cleaned and polished, going to look around auction this afternoon.
  12. airedale

    Today at work

    A few jobs from the last few weeks.Finished stone facing a wall, all 140 yards of it. A replacement van arrived so got it sited then had a trip in to Charnley,s to collect a roller.
  13. airedale

    Classics Earning their keep.

    @Nearly as promised here's that photo of your Moffett on the dyno at Newby Hall tractor fest.
  14. airedale

    Today NOT at work

    @Nearly Sorry for the delay,just a bit busy at present.Will try and do it tommorow.
  15. airedale

    Classics Earning their keep.

    I have had the tractor nearly 10 years , bought it unseen from Cornish Tractors from an ad i saw in Farmers Trader. It is believed to be an import from Holland . The tractor is from 1972 . Not really sure how many hrs she,done clock shows approx 6400 .The rev counter works but doesnt clock the...
  16. airedale

    Classics Earning their keep.

    Having to make her earn her keep on a walling job at work.
  17. airedale

    Newark Tractor Show

    It was good to see a tractor where as much of the orginal parts are retained as possible instead of going down the easy route and buying new tin work etc. What you produce at the end of a restoration is something to be proud of,i wish i could do what you achive.
  18. airedale

    Newark Tractor Show

    After what you have just posted, i understand what you are up against.One thing we did like was seeing the correct cover on the hydraulic coupling.
  19. airedale

    Newark Tractor Show

    Yes ,we did go picking faults . Nothing to serious, It is an exellent restoration.
  20. airedale

    Newark Tractor Show

    Been here since 10 am . Spent most of the day polishing tractors.Have taken Leyland 245 non q cab.

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