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  1. Muddyroads

    Grazing records

    How do people keep records of what grazes where and when? Need to improve my field records and would appreciate some input from the collective.
  2. Muddyroads

    Jamie Blackett

    I have to confess to not having heard of him before, but thought it made a very refreshing change to hear someone talking up British Farming on radio 2 as he did today.
  3. Muddyroads

    Is veganism a religion? If today’s case is successful, presumably it will be a hate crime to be critical of them in any way?
  4. Muddyroads

    Carbon audits.

    I mentioned recently on the Tesco’s add thread that I’ve just had a go at doing a farm carbon audit. I used the “farmcarbontoolkit” and got on reasonably well with it. The input side was relatively straightforward, though there were a few bits that weren’t very clear. The sequestration side was...
  5. Muddyroads

    Qurbani lamb

    Our local market have asked for lamb that qualifies for Qurbani to be supplied over the next 2 weeks. Need to be uncastrated with full length tails, over 6 months old. As it happens I have 3 good ones which I picked out today. Having done a bit of searching this evening it looks as though the...
  6. Muddyroads

    Why are rats different?
  7. Muddyroads

    Badger or fox?

    Getting fed up of finding these over the last couple of weeks. I’ve a fair idea of the cause, but would welcome opinions:
  8. Muddyroads

    Stay organic or go conventional?

    Rented 200 acre farm, mainly sheep and beef, been organic for last 10 years. Combination of hungry sand and lower lying permanent grassland which lies wet. Been HLS for last 10 years as well, which has resulted in poor land getting poorer, and wetter areas becoming increasingly swamped by...
  9. Muddyroads

    MF 3095 ad eBay

    Just a heads up about the MF 3095 being advertised for £5500. Everything that I have been able to find out about the advert indicates that the old adage that "when something looks to good to be true it usually is" applies to this. With over 400 people watching the ad, some are likely to be from...
  10. Muddyroads

    Lamb presentation, indoor vs outdoor

    In our second year of lambing, mostly Dorsets to allow out of season lambing. Both last year and this, we lambed outside during the autumn and winter, with very few real problems (other than Dr Fox last winter!). However when we lamb indoors in March, we seem to get far more instances of 1 or...
  11. Muddyroads

    Sheep movement inspection

    Hi folks, first time posting on here, so go gently on me! We had an inspection in August. All went well, until he compared our last 25 movements to the information he had from ARAMS. We only sell at the local market and direct to a local abattoir. He found that on 2 occasions, his information...

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