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  1. oakleaf

    Changing wheels

    My MF 575 is on 13.6x38 and the tyres are totally gone in both sidewall and thread. Been on the lookout for 2nd hand replacements for a bit. Have been offered a pair of 16.9x38 wheels & tyres at decent price. I know 16.9x34 would be the correct size for this tractor but would there be any issues...
  2. oakleaf

    7.5 ton lorry

    Good evening. Been considering for some time now , the purchase of small truck (flatbed) for bringing tractor & plough to matches and so on. No big budget so looking at 20 year old or so. Will be only doing approx 1000 miles p.a. It seems the bulk of them are MAN , Merc , DAF or Iveco. Anyone...
  3. oakleaf

    McConnel hedger linkage mount set up

    The background. A man near me bought a 6565T in 2017. Used for a short week, then he fell ill and outfit got parked up. Sadly he passed away a couple of months later. I have now purchased the hedger from the executors and picked it up today. The question. As the manual could not be found and l...
  4. oakleaf

    RSI from hedger controls

    Having my hand constantly clasped around the joystick of the hedgecutter was never an issue before , but this year am suffering from fingers being really stiff even after a short time . Not much can be done about it or is there ?
  5. oakleaf

    New hedger

    So wasnt due to change the cutter till next season but the local dealer has an ex demo mcconnel 6065 that comes at a not too bad price and with 0% finance l am tempted. Never ran a mcconnel before so any opinions of this model? It is 6m reach without telescopic . I am used to a 6m Reco Ferri but...
  6. oakleaf

    Mower pivot geometry

    I am considering a mower change as the old claas is getting tired but still works but would need a nice few quid spent on it this year and what with zero % finance deals going at the moment , a new purchase isnt too difficult to justify. So first up l only tend to cut heavy crops off permanent...
  7. oakleaf

    Happy enough with basic guidance but

    Yesterday the magnetic antennae on my leica mojomini came off tractor and hit the road. Needless to say its dead. Been quoted 900 +vat for a replacement . At that price its probably better to just get an entire new set up. Patchwork Trimble Topcon all coming in more or less the same. Teejet...
  8. oakleaf

    Pto speed on mower

    So l have been pricing mowers these last few weeks. Just a plain 3m mounted without conditioner . Usual wide range of prices but on calling one dealer for the final round of getting the best price he asked if l wanted a 540 or 1000 pto model. Both mowers exactly the same apart from pto speed. Oh...
  9. oakleaf

    Pulling a pump from a well.

    Have been asked to supply a tractor to extract a submersible pump from a 475 feet well next week. Never did that sort of job before so wondered what sort of tractor to send. Would 70 hp 2wd suffice or is it a 4wd 120hp job? Thanks.
  10. oakleaf

    MF 80 loader

    So l'd like to fit a loader to my 575 just to lift round bales of hay and straw about the yard. I like the ease of unhitching the MF 80 and that it doesnt leave huge brackets on the tractor impeding vision of front wheels etc. My question is are all 80 loaders the same? Will one from a 590 or...
  11. oakleaf

    Drum mowers

    Presumably there is still a limited market for new smaller 5 to 6 foot drum mowers in some areas of UK but does anyone buy larger 8 or 9 foot ones these days ?
  12. oakleaf

    Conventional baler twine

    Twine for small square balers is normally sold in a twin pack containing 2 spools. It is stamped 12000 feet , but is that per spool or per twinpack does anyone know?
  13. oakleaf

    Front axle repairs

    I know this is one of those "how long is a piece of string questions " but when greasing the uj on the front axle of my 1989 Fendt 311 lsa 4wd l noticed a lot of left to right play on the lower half of the housing. When jacked up l can move the bottom of the front wheel in and out an inch or so...
  14. oakleaf

    Hydraulic plumbing query.

    I have installed a valve block on my fertiliser spreader hoist so I can operate it from the ground instead of climbing back into the cab everytime I load in a bag. The feed comes in to the left side of the block from the tractors single acting spool via a 3/8 pipe and returns via a 1/2 inch pipe...
  15. oakleaf

    Sellers remorse

    Do many people suffer from this? You know , when you trade in a tractor and a month or two later begin to think you should have held on to it. You cant keep them all though , or can you? Do you? I find it difficult to trade in. You generally get less than you expect and find a need for the...
  16. oakleaf

    Wheel painting

    Want to get the wheels on my 1989 Fendt 311 LSA tidied up. Won't be doing the job myself so whats best enamel , 2 pack , powder coat or is there any other method I dont know about?
  17. oakleaf

    MF 575 wheel options

    I want to increase the road speed on my 575 2wd. Its currently on 13.6x38. Would it look ridiculous on 16.9x38 wheels do you think. Im sure they will fit as there is plenty of clearance. It has the 8 speed gearbox and top gear is hardly 16 mph. If I did get a set of 16.9x38 how much would it...
  18. oakleaf

    Wheel nut torques

    Needed to change the track width of one of the tractors here which I recently did. Book said to tighten up rim bolts to 300 Nm and wheel nuts to 350 Nm which is exactly what I did. Checked them and they were all loose so did them up to 350 and 400 but after a few days they loosened again. This...
  19. oakleaf

    Old Fendt clutch issue

    I have an old Fendt Farmer 311LSA . It is 1989. Yesterday a problem arose with the clutch pedal. When I apply my foot to the pedal , it just sinks to the floor without me pushing it down. I can pull it back up and it stays there but as soon as I touch it again , down it goes. Obviously I cant...
  20. oakleaf

    New Holland combines

    What are the differences between a 1540 and a 1540 s please?

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