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  1. Crex

    The Graze Debate

    Interesting event about grazing coming up in Perth, featuring TFF's very own @scholland. Info here.
  2. Crex

    Shotgun/Firearm Certificate

    I'm going to be applying for my shotgun licence in the near future. I don't have, and have no immediate plans to get, a rifle, but would it be sensible/possible to apply for a firearm certificate now in case I decide to in the future? Or just stick with the shotgun certificate at the moment?
  3. Crex

    Round v. square stobs

    All the fencing I've put up has been with 75 x 75 square stobs. I'm actually paying for this next fence I'm putting up myself. Are round stobs any stronger or better lasting? Or should I stick to what I know? (if we assume same type of wood and treatment)
  4. Crex

    Pedigree Cattle Names - Polled

    If an animal has (P) after its name, does that mean it is homozygous polled? Thanks
  5. Crex

    Telehandler tax class

    Hi folks, I've been doing some paperwork, and I've noticed that our telehandler's tax class is 'Works Truck'. Is this correct? Should it be agricultural machine like the rest of the tractors? It is purely used for farm work, if that makes a difference. Thanks
  6. Crex

    Cleaning cattle/lambing sheds.

    Can anyone recommend a detergent for putting through the pressure washer when cleaning housing? And what are folk using for disinfectant? Virkon sprayed on with knapsack?
  7. Crex

    Kverneland wrapper counter

    Hi folks Wrapper counter doesn't seem to be working. It's had a new sensor but no joy. The screen seems to be working fine, but doesn't move of zero when it's turning. Any ideas?
  8. Crex

    3 point linkage controls

    New to me tractor, first with electronic linkage control. I've no idea what I'm doing, can't get linkage to drop, I move the big knob on the left and they move up and down over about 20cm. Help! You can maybe tell I'm not a machinery man.
  9. Crex

    Lambing shed.

    Hi folks I'm looking for peoples thoughts on the best size and layout for a new lambing shed for 120 ewes. I've had a look through past threads and got some ideas, but I've never lambed sheep inside, so I've no idea what's best. Few considerations, It would be for Cheviots, very exposed site...
  10. Crex

    Getting concrete off paintwork.

    So 'someone' has managed to get concrete on mother's car. Is there any product that'll take it off and leave the paintwork intact?
  11. Crex

    Locking Yokes

    Has anyone had any prices recently for locking yokes? Currently getting prices for feed barriers, £385 for a 20ft diagonal feed barrier. I'd prefer we go with locking yokes but boss says they will be too expensive. Any idea what I'd be looking at? It is only for 5 in total.
  12. Crex

    Weighing Cattle?

    We are looking to start weighing our sucklers and calves. We currently have no means to do this. What would be the best (cheap!) equipment to do this? Weigh beams under the crush? Something like this work, or too cheap to be any good? Or is there some other system availbe available?
  13. Crex

    What's wrong with my hen?

    Recently got some new hens delivered, young ones, not quite ready to lay yet. One of the hens toes (claws?) is very crooked, what is this? Do I need to be worried? It seems to manage around fine.
  14. Crex

    Scottish Beavers

    Now the thread title has got you all in, you may have noticed the Scottish Beaver Trial have produced their final report (quite a large file, but with some nice pictures)of the trial reintroduction of beavers to Knapdale, Argyll. Are any of our TFFers close to this? Any thoughts on how it went...
  15. Crex

    Beef 2020

    The Scottish beef industry group, 'Beef 2020' have released their report setting out their recommendations to improve the prospects and competitiveness of the beef industry. Their is nothing particularly ground breaking in the report, but the government has set aside £45million of the new CAP...
  16. Crex

    Sowing Grass Seed

    We plough and reseed about 3-4 hectares of ground a year. We currently use a contractor to sow the grass seed, he uses an ancient spring tine air seeder contraption. We are not particularly happy with the results, establishment is patchy, and the row spacing is too large, leaving lots of bare...
  17. Crex

    Farming Charity in the developing world

    I would like to donate to a charity that supports farming progress in the developing world, ideally somewhere in Africa. This would be as a present. Does any one know of such a charity?
  18. Crex

    'Real' breeders reject EBVs

    Interesting article in the Scottish Farmer this week regarding EBVs. I'm always amazed at the ire and misunderstandings the technology seems to get. What does the forum think?

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