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  1. SteveHants

    Where are all the eggs?

    There was in January. Not sure if it was got on top of before COVID 19
  2. SteveHants


    4.5 ac? If its close, I suppose the grazier might graze it off for you. I wouldn't have paid money for that amount of grazing. Might do to bung some rams on.
  3. SteveHants

    Country getting close to anarchy??

    Yep - used to buy potassium nitrate for that very reason when I was working in a smokery. Bacon is grey unless you add it.
  4. SteveHants

    Country getting close to anarchy??

    Lets be honest - anyone with A-Level chemistry should be able to make a bomb.
  5. SteveHants

    Country getting close to anarchy??

    And thank god they didn't or there wouldn't be an NHS for people to clap, there wouldn't be (what remains of) social housing, social security etc etc.
  6. SteveHants

    Country getting close to anarchy??

    Tonypandy Glasgow It's why many of the generation that fought in WW2 despised him, especially in industrial areas. My grandparents were all in the services during WW2, all despised Churchill.
  7. SteveHants

    Perceptions of Natural Capital

    It's just a concept - much like the concept of intellectual capital was used to justify free university places in the past.
  8. SteveHants


    They are taken off daily. They might well have actually hatched 12 hours previously, so they will have been exposed to the detritus for all the time between them hatching and being taken out of the basket...
  9. SteveHants

    Walkers- Coronavirus

    For some reason I thought that this thread was going to be about crisps....
  10. SteveHants

    Rotten full term lambs

    I never came across a vaccine that just did pasturella. Is there one? But agree, using bravoxin for colostridials and a pasturella vaccine in pneumonia season makes sense.
  11. SteveHants


    Depends how soon and to what extent it was got rid of - chicks at take-off haven't been sitting there for more than 24 hours (often less) and I imagine the vacuum will get rid of a lot of the dust etc.
  12. SteveHants

    Rotten full term lambs

    It's worth using Bravoxin 10 and Heptavac to play to the strengths of both. The "P" part of Heptavac doesn't last very long (4-6mos of the top of my head), so its worth using it when the threat of pneumonia is high. So; My ewes used to get Bravoxin pre-lambing (April lambing) and the lambs...
  13. SteveHants

    Remember when i was ridiculed for "Food Security" claims?

    Dunno - I always thought that food security involved a lot of mutton and turnips.....
  14. SteveHants

    We have to ration food: nothing else now makes sense ! interesting article

    Dunno about potatoes, but if there is a shortage of chicken meat, surely the retailers will seek to source more?
  15. SteveHants

    We have to ration food: nothing else now makes sense ! interesting article

    Really? It's flying off the shelves here - woman in Aldi this morning said they had restocked the shelves of fresh chicken three times already that day - this was at about 10.15.
  16. SteveHants

    Country getting close to anarchy??

    Because he's a callous barsteward who is openly cares more about big business than people? Compare his response to that of France.
  17. SteveHants

    Running flock of char ewes looking to increase my prolific of flock

    I did it without really trying - even with my "nutter" ideas of not balling or tailing..... :ROFLMAO:
  18. SteveHants

    George Galloway

    Much as I have mixed opinions about him, there's a reason he's kept off the BBC etc - he can be very eloquent when he chooses and is very capable of dismantling thin logic.
  19. SteveHants

    Country getting close to anarchy??

    It's alright - I once tried to explain Salford to one of my Ag students (they had suspected that I wasn't from a farming background). When I said that It could be a tad....rough - she replied that it probably wasn't as rough as Warminster........:oops:
  20. SteveHants

    Country getting close to anarchy??

    Some were, lots weren't. Some were out because dad would beat them if they were in, some were out because they were on the rob because they had nowt.

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