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  1. J

    Potato harvester, Banff area to the south!

    Got a potato harvester to move from the Banff area to, well anywhere south really, Linconshire would be good, West Wales eventually, no rush as far as i'm aware.
  2. J

    Grimme Variant/GZ.

    Thinking of changing my Variant for a GZ, main gripe with the Variant is the main web drive slipping, is a GZ going to be any better?
  3. J

    Megastar destoner

    Anybody got an old (but tidy) Megastar? got to have a boulder box.
  4. J

    Massey 3080 orbitral.

    Anyone got an orbitral to fit a 3080, probably the same on all the 3000 series, in gwo of course.
  5. J

    Claydon SR.

    Looking for a 3m Claydon SR drill.
  6. J

    Claydon drills?

    What are the differences between a Hybrid and an SR drill?
  7. J

    Vetch seed rate?

    Planning on putting some vetch in on my efa. I'm going to spin it on off the back of my short disc, what sort of seed rate would people use?
  8. J

    Bergey turbine?

    Does anyone know if there is a main importer of these into Britain? We seem to be dealing with a stream of idiots and chancers.:scratchhead:
  9. J

    MF 6480 pto?

    What holds the pto shaft in the back end? mine pulled out yesterday:whistle::unsure:, I'm assuming its going to be expensive.:(
  10. J

    Cheffins sale today?

    In Cambridgeshire, anyone going? would like to know what the Grimme harvester makes.
  11. J

    Massey 6270 electric spools.

    Got a 6270 with 2 electric spools, one has started playing up, it will work one way but seems to jam going the other, does anyone know if you can get a repair kit for them?
  12. J

    Marot rotary grain cleaner.

    Anybody got one or know where I could get parts?
  13. J

    3m Short Disc

    Anyone want to quote me for a 3m short disc? delivered to Pembs west Wales.
  14. J

    Accomodation nr Evesham?

    Daughter is doing her placement year in Evesham and is struggling to find a place to stay, anybody got any ideas or reccomendations?
  15. J

    Mc Connel PA35 boom wont go down.

    All the other functions work, if I let the arm down a bit by loosening a pipe then it will go back up ok, electric spools, any suggestions?
  16. J

    Khun 6401 tedder

    Anyone got a parts diagram for one? something has gone wrong in one of the rotors on mine, a parts diagram might help before trying to take it apart.
  17. J

    P.R.C. Agricultural

    Based in east Riding of Yorkshire, anybody know them/ vouch for them?
  18. J

    Standen paint code?

    Does anyone know what the code is for Standen blue?
  19. J

    Standen Big Boy.

    I'm looking for a Standen H200 Big Boy, must have space select and ridging hood, any out there?
  20. J

    Axial on wheat.

    What is the latest i could use Axial on wild oats in wheat? hypothetically of course.:whistle:

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