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  1. Post Driver

    How to burn fresh wood

    Wedge of strway, diesel, small dry twiggy bits. Hand feed it to get going and use of a leaf blower as bellows to get air under it. After hand feeding it for a bit start adding grab fulls directly on top where the heat is coming out of it. Once hot in the bottom you will burn anything. Next...
  2. Post Driver

    gate posts

    . That kind of idea
  3. Post Driver


    Only for pricing jobs, give me strength!
  4. Post Driver

    Work wear/boots

    I wear eBay army surplus desert socks through the year as my feet get too hot in anything else and start growing fungus. Lowa Patrol boots in the winter, non GTX as again it makes my feet sweat. Army desert boots in the summer. Never liked Bucklers, too soft a leather that cuts and tears...
  5. Post Driver

    Should we be buying Ssangyong pickups?

    Does it only come in a double cab variant? I couldnt see an extended cab on the website. Handy truck being able to tow 3.5T with 1T in the bed
  6. Post Driver

    Standing Beach wood buyer

    Try Wessex Woodland management. They will harvest, stack and sell on your behalf. No idea on the ins and outs of the money side but I believe they sell and take a commission so it will be in there interest to maximise value for you.
  7. Post Driver

    Wire netting

    Mid 60's I believe. It's not mine unfortunately, shared from another site. Edit - April 67
  8. Post Driver

    Wire netting

    Perhaps it is the "galvanised sheep netting", mentioned on this old price list @tepapa ?
  9. Post Driver

    Gates that open up the hill with a wheel on one end

    I have done it where the lower eye bolt is extra long so as the gate opens up the hill it can slide within a sleeve in the gate. This was a metal frame security gate. The eye bolts have to be over size too so they don't bind and bend the hooks
  10. Post Driver

    Brewers grain available in Twickenham

    There is a cattle farmer at Osterly Park. The last farm inside the M25 when approaching from the A4.
  11. Post Driver

    Post Driver,

    You rang m'lord Rock spike for ground where rocks and aggregate can move. Augers for when material has no where to go and needs to be removed
  12. Post Driver

    Woodland planting companies?

    Did you have any joy with Wessex?
  13. Post Driver


    Really? I'm sure I have been to America more than once without travel insurance. Foolish yes, but mandatory I'm not so sure.
  14. Post Driver

    Woodland planting companies?

    Wessex Woodland Management LTD. Not 100% they cover your area, but they are a good firm so worth a try 01488 685 007
  15. Post Driver

    Landini fuses.

    Left panel below steering wheel, or panel below the back window by your left elbow. That's where the fuses were on the 2 Landini tractor we had
  16. Post Driver

    London Uni Campus Beef Ban

    Was that on LBC? I didn't get her name
  17. Post Driver

    Long lasting softwood fence posts

    I thought Clipex was the best thing since sliced bread? Don't tell me you are using Tornado wire now too?!
  18. Post Driver

    Gate catches?

    You can get double leg strikers which are safer for stock than a single leg. With the safety chain in your photo, I will fix the hook to the post and have the eye fixed to the gate. But only use them for...

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