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  1. KennyO

    Today at work

    Living the dream drilling barley for @Dirtybootz
  2. KennyO

    No till and cover crops in Scotland

    Good work. When the CV lockdown is lifted I hope to get a chance to see what a few of you guys are doing. Hope to be able to get someone to drill some wheat after osr for me this autumn.
  3. KennyO

    Today at work

    Muddy track on way to field.... It will get washed when finished drilling or rained off.
  4. KennyO

    Today at work

    Nice looking cows.
  5. KennyO

    Today at work

    @ColinV6 @Robert K 😂😂 Diesel, grease, dust windows....ready to go
  6. KennyO

    Today at work

    I wish i had the time (or the inclination) to spend hours washing kit and cleaning cabs. Some of you guy keep things spotless 👍 I try to look after things but there is always another job to do. Tractor gets a quick wash every now and then and cab gets swept out every other day... but its here...
  7. KennyO


    He is the brother of Marshall trailers. Gets trade ins etc i think.
  8. KennyO


    Kenny Marshall has a couple of secondhand ones onhis website. They can refurbish and repaint them too.
  9. KennyO

    Giff Gaff

    Swapped from o2 to giffgaff. No problems. Took half a day to port my number. As others have said monthly contract. If you pm me your details i can send you a free giffgaff sim. They send them to customers for you to give to friends.
  10. KennyO


    We've got an ex hire bunning and it is brilliant.
  11. KennyO

    Today at work

    Dressed some seed yesterday morning then Drilled some barley in the afternoon. Only just fit. Father knocked the top of the ploughing first. This one will be getting undersown with grass once it is dry enough to roll.
  12. KennyO

    Today at work

    Veg oil should be good. Never oiled mine for fear of buggering seals but need to.(and laziness)
  13. KennyO

    Today at work

    What oil do you use?
  14. KennyO

    Kuhn Axis spreader issues

    Yes. Normally just power box off and on then it works again. Sometimes the numbers showing the slide position start jumping about. I always try to keep an eye on them. Dealer service manager was going to speak to Kuhn rep about it but haven't got anything back yet. Haven't used it yet this season.
  15. KennyO

    Kuhn Axis spreader issues

    @Rob Holmes i sometimes get 'fault in dosing system' on my screen. Was that the message you got? Mine is a newer model though. Maybe 2014.
  16. KennyO

    Homemade slurry equipment

    Very impressive stuff. 👍
  17. KennyO

    Battery grease gun

    Our sealey works ok but batterys are rubbish. Have two completely dead batteries and one which is useable but really needs to come straight of charger before use.
  18. KennyO

    Furrow press changes

    From memory the first time we split our press up we had it strapped to a shed stanion and then pulled it with the loader. Gas heating the ring centres. Swearing lots and hitting with hammer. We might have had it slung from the forks of the yard forklift. Forks pushed in holding ring and hit...
  19. KennyO

    Box section

    Ritchie do sockets but i don't think they show online.
  20. KennyO

    Cattle race gate

    We have a couple of Ritchie ones. Had them for a few years with no problem. Regular handling of 150 finishers so not a vast amount of use.

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