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  1. Andrew K

    Combinables Price Tracker

    Feed wheat priced at £157 May 20 this am.Thoughts?
  2. Andrew K

    Volunteers as a crop?

    Had similar experience with beans in 1988 harvest.
  3. Andrew K

    Liquid fertiliser

    Dont bother, it will be difficult to dissolve properly leading to filtration issues with your sprayer.Tried it once,never again.... I would recommend use of a microgranular DAP available through Frontier.We used to put it on at drilling with a Techneat Microcast applicator very easily.
  4. Andrew K

    Scrutton Bland

    Was that the lady who was with Fram?
  5. Andrew K

    12 metre Set of Cambridge Rolls in very good / excellent / ex demo condition

    Writtle Farm Machinery got a set of 12m Opicos
  6. Andrew K

    Countryside Productivity Small Grant (CPSG) Round 2: COVID-19 Update

    Anyone got a link to the application form please?
  7. Andrew K


    I have a bag here Andy, in Essex
  8. Andrew K

    Time to take back some control?

    Is that the NZ model then?
  9. Andrew K

    Chemical Price Tracker

    Wouldnt it be true that most spring/summer chemicals are already in the Uk, so no need for price rises to be acceptable ?
  10. Andrew K

    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Gran Urea £257 a ton in bags this week del April.
  11. Andrew K

    Combinables Price Tracker

    Are there any restrictions on boat movement from the continent yet?
  12. Andrew K

    Best 1st car

    My two lads have a Toyota Yaris and a Fiesta.Both cheap to insure,reliable and reasonably safe.Being old,I have a Lotus.
  13. Andrew K

    German Covid 19 death rate

    I did hear the Germans have a far higher amount of ventilators available per head infected.
  14. Andrew K

    Drilling anyone?

    Their ground must be ruined, cant think of anything worse for soil condition.
  15. Andrew K

    Direct drilling with Claydon Hybrid drill

    They are a great drill dont get me wrong, but at the time we were cutting down on our contracting side, and also available hp so it made sense to go for a lighter, lower disturbance machine[to us anyway] I would say they are the best bean/rape drill you can buy for heavy land, and the back up...
  16. Andrew K

    What are you doing to stay clear of Coronavirus?

    Those supplying "perceived essentials" such as sanitiser, medical supplies, loo rolls and food were almost over run this am in our local town. Cant say I agree with it, there should/is be plenty to go round! Thats the trouble these days, too much information and scaremongering by the media....
  17. Andrew K

    What are you doing to stay clear of Coronavirus?

    Those shops and supermarkets with supplies are making a fortune, prices are higher and trade brisk to say the least. Its sad to see that they cant self regulate supplies so that everyone has a fair chance to buy hand sanitiser etc.
  18. Andrew K

    Direct drilling with Claydon Hybrid drill

    Used to run a 4.8m Hybrid, and would agree with your choice of coulters and Johns comments.I used to spend alot of time getting the pitch of the drill right on the top link, and obviously set your lift arms as level as possible.Leave a little slack on the lift arm check chains, but not too...
  19. Andrew K

    Direct Seed drill Solá Ceres TM 2612

    Correct, look quite useful for DD if using the SM tine models?
  20. Andrew K

    Interest rate

    Which bank is that please Will?

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