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    Annual ryegrass

    That’s what I was hoping for. Just I’ve been told it’ll lose its vigour after this cut
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    Annual ryegrass

    We sowed some annual tetraploid ryegrass last September and cut it at the end of October . It was fertilised in January and we mowed it today and will be baled tomorrow. Is it worth fertilising again or will it not produce enough to justify the cost
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    Westerwolds or IRG

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    Double bale handlers

    It’s all about the operator. 3-4 miles is about where their advantage starts to run out but shorter than that and they’re excellent. I know of lads moving 12000 bales a year with them
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    Double bale handlers

    The Wilson or Keltec would wipe the floor with a ordinary trailer. 100 unwrapped bales an hour can be moved but the wrapper was in the field beside the bales
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    Roscommon Simmental sale advice.

    Bought a bull there last year. Was in the same position as you. We contacted the society to enquire about different bulls but they just sent us a catalogue. When we went to the sale a lot of the bulls weren’t there which was a bit annoying to say the least. We got one of the bulls we had picked...
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    24m Sprayer Booms

    We have a Cleanacres SP sprayer and the booms are getting past there best. I was just wondering what would the cost of replacing them with new or very good second hand be. Not looking for a fancy set just a reliable set
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    what are these like as a self propelled

    The blower is the biggest problem and also the brakes
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    Spring OSR - am I mad?

    It's normal NPK fert It can have S and trace elements added as well. I don't know about seed depth but it would have been sown with a fresh horsch drill unlike ours which was sown by a broadcaster on the back of a disc drill. Both were ploughed as well
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    Spring OSR - am I mad?

    Probably something like 12-8-20. Know of a farmer who lost a crop of spring osr last year didn't look like it ever came up and his agronomist blamed it on the fert being put down with the seed. We had a field a mile away seed and fert were done separate and it done 1t/a. Was thinking about...
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    Spring OSR - am I mad?

    Does anyone know if there is a problem putting solid fert down with OSR seed
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    Round bale trailer (like keltec)

    Sounds about right. They have a facebook page so you probably could get hold of Adam the owner on that
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    Round bale trailer (like keltec)

    I think that's a Wilson not Wylie. Made in Laois. They're built to last and very easy to get around
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    McHale mowers

    They are very heavy on the back of a tractor. I know of two that were returned because they made the tractor unstable. One was replaced by a Kuhn. The tractor was a 140 hp New Holland. Tried one on a 200hp tractor and found it could lighten the front of the tractor. Did a good job mowing but...
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    Lely triple mowers

    Is it just the Samasz bed that's used in the McHale or are both mowers identical
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    Maize lying flat

    The crop was just of the coast and got knocked by very strong winds. It was probably ten feet tall before the wind. Tried cutting it in every direction but it didn't matter. Sicken your stomach leaving so much on the ground
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    Maize lying flat

    I'm using a Kemper 345 and I'm getting about two thirds of it but it's a slow process blocks every row
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    Maize lying flat

    What's people's opinion of the best way to cut a crop of maize lying over
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    Class 2800 Liner

    Can someone help us please. One of the pipes that goes to the ram for adjusting the working width has burst up in the arm. The ram seems to be held in place by a pin but the pin seems to be held in place by split pins inside the arm and can't be got at easily. Do we need to take the whole rotor...
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    nh7040 clutch calibration

    Tractor transmission has to be warm. Start tractor while pressing the upshift and downshift buttons. If the tractor temperature is correct press the upshift button until CL will be displayed. Press the upshift button again till Dt appears. Press the clutch and push the shuttle lever forward...

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