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  1. Steevo

    The Drought

    Yeah but you still get all our rain coming up from underneath once it’s filtered through the centre of the earth.
  2. Steevo

    Rolling Winter Wheat

    What speed do people roll cereals at? I was always told max 5mph for rolling seedbeds after the drill for consolidation. Does speed matter so much when rolling crop?
  3. Steevo

    Atcost Shed concrete gutter

  4. Steevo

    Going ahead with a new shed

    Only thing I'd be careful of is whether the shed will get finished in one go. Depends on the size of the project. The last thing I'd want is a shed half built and then more/tighter lockdown. I was planning to repair a tiled stone barn roof this spring - I'm very glad the guys haven't started as...
  5. Steevo

    Going ahead with a new shed

    Wow!! I was about to post that I thought I was fortunate with the local shed builders that usually invoice once when the frame is up, and again once cladded. To finish a whole shed before invoicing is incredible - that's a shed builder worth supporting!
  6. Steevo

    Behaviour of the Public (well some)

    Let's just hope they don't happen to come on here......
  7. Steevo

    The Drought

    I doubt it would matter what fertiliser it rain it still won't do any good.
  8. Steevo

    Corona - Holiday Lets

    Sadly the some of the public c seem to think it's ok to go out if they are isolated and nobody else is around.....they don't seem to quite understand that if they were granted permission so everybody else would want it too....
  9. Steevo

    Kevs diary

    Sadly I think they'd take too long to get to full size.....
  10. Steevo

    Today at work

    Wow, just WOW!! That's incredible work. I'd love to know of an operator like that locally. Next time Dave gets a weekend off please send him down here.... :D
  11. Steevo

    The Drought

    Crops are very slow indeed. Put some urea on two weeks ago and has disappeared from the surface but can’t have reached the crop as it’s still very pale.
  12. Steevo

    The Drought

    I can’t understand how it has dried out so quickly.
  13. Steevo

    Rising taxes

    Sounds like it would just dig an even bigger hole - we got to where we got to with people spending beyond their means. Encouraging them to borrow more makes no sense at all.
  14. Steevo

    Today at work

    It's amazing how it's gone from one extreme to the other. Spread some fertiliser today and fields I was making ruts in less than 2 weeks ago are now rock solid and the rut walls won't squash at all. Our spring crops are due to go in tomorrow onwards - resorting to plough/ph to try and reach...
  15. Steevo

    Key Worker Form

    Indeed. It was discussed on the news that if people keep ignoring the rules that they might tighten them further. Given it's a minority who are ignoring them it would make more sense imo to address the minority themselves, rather than making the majority follow even stricter rules which the...
  16. Steevo

    Loader tractor tyre pressures

    I run our loader tractor at least 30 for loader work.
  17. Steevo

    Liquid fertiliser

  18. Steevo

    Highways England Compound Rental

    I'd hazard a guess it would be Heras temporary fencing. Any planning permission would surely require the area to be returned to agriculture after?
  19. Steevo

    Behaviour of the Public (well some)

    No. But you can’t have one rule for one and one for another. If you allow people to go outside and go to the park, you can’t police numbers or distances. The only way is to make people stay at home where you can be sure they are physically separated from others.
  20. Steevo

    Highways England Compound Rental

    I'm unsure they would be happy to let it be consider an established use. Agree on the access front though!

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