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  1. waterbuffalofarmer

    2 ewes for sale

    For sale 2 ewes, one with ewe lamb at foot and 1 ready to lamb soon, we think she may be carrying twins. Both in good nick and good temperaments/bucket trained. Good feet and milky lasses. For more info/pics, or to arrange a visit, drop me a PM or comment below and I will reply accordingly Cheers
  2. waterbuffalofarmer

    small breeding group sheep for sale

    Hi. Selling 1 shearling ram out of top 5% EBV tup, ready to work. Also for sale are mother and daughter, 1 improved welsh ewe and 1 improved welsh x texel ewe. Both ewes are proven good mothers, fertile, easy birthers and milky with good feet and very good conformation. A doddle to handle. Need...
  3. waterbuffalofarmer

    milk churn liners wanted

    Hi. I am looking for milk churn plastic liners. The company we used to buy from is no longer in business and I have been trying to find other companies that may sell them, but to no avail. If anybody knows of any could you pls dm me or comment below? Cheers
  4. waterbuffalofarmer

    selling breeding group sheep

    for sale, 2 welsh ewes, 1 welsh x texel, mother and daughter. Alongside shearling ram, homebred out of top 5% EBV tup. Ready to work now. Lovely group, good conformation, good fett, good temperaments, easy to handle. For more info/ to arrange a viewing/ prices PM or comment below. Need gone ASAP...
  5. waterbuffalofarmer

    water buffalo heifers for sale
  6. waterbuffalofarmer

    water buffalo bull calves for sale
  7. waterbuffalofarmer

    10 pedigree Lleyn ewes for sale
  8. waterbuffalofarmer

    3 water buffalo bull calves

    Hi. Selling 3 water buffalo bull calves, weaned. Good conformation, good genetics, easy to handle, good feet, excellent temperaments. Viewings welcome. For more info/pics/prices pm or comment below. Cheers
  9. waterbuffalofarmer

    10 pedigree Lleyn ewes for sale

    Hi Selling 10 pedigree, Lleyn ewes. Out of good, Hardy stock. Fertile, easy birthers, good conformation, doddle to handle. Out of top 5% and top 10% EBV Rams. Viewings welcome. For more pics/prices/to arrange a viewing, comment below/pm and I will get back to you Cheers
  10. waterbuffalofarmer

    3 water buffalo heifers for sale

    For sale, 3 water buffalo heifers. 2 weaned, 1 still on milk. Beautiful temperaments, good conformation, good feet, out of good milking genetics, a doddle to handle. Viewings welcome. Pm or comment below for pics/price/ to arrange a viewing Cheers
  11. waterbuffalofarmer

    water buffalo bull calves for sale

    For sale. 2 water buffalo bull calves, currently 1-2 weeks of age. good temperaments, doddle to handle, good genetics. Need gone ASAP. For more details/pics or to arrange a viewing comment below or PM and I will get back to you. Cheers
  12. waterbuffalofarmer

    Pure Lleyn shearling for sale

    For sale Pure Lleyn shearling boi. Ready for work now. Good weight, good conformation, good feet, even balls, friendly, excellent temperament and a doddle to handle. Out of top 5% Macaroni Lleyn tup. Viewings welcome. For more info/pics/prices PM me or comment below. Cheers
  13. waterbuffalofarmer

    Buffalo bull calves for sale

    For sale, 4 buffalo bull calves, 2 eldest are a bit over a month old and the youngest are about a month. Good genetics, good temperaments, growing nicely. Need to be gone ASAP. Pics/prices and viewings available. PM for more details Cheers
  14. waterbuffalofarmer

    Pure silver laced Wyandotte Cockerel free to good home

    Free to good home. Excellent temperament, a doddle to handle. Proven boi. We have 2 of his daughters in flock which is why we are getting rid of him :) Cheers
  15. waterbuffalofarmer

    2 water buffalo bull calves for sale

    Hi Due to customer backing out, due to unforseen circumstances, I have 2 bull calves currently available. Beautifully tempered, doddle to handle. Currently 2 weeks old and are on powdered milk. Asking £120 each. Viewings welcome Cheers
  16. waterbuffalofarmer

    Raw buffalo milk for sale for processing only

    Hi. I am selling raw buffalo milk for processing purposes only, cheese, etc, etc. To businesses only. Grass fed with little concentrates. Pasture is chemical/artificial fertiliser free. For more info please pm Cheers
  17. waterbuffalofarmer

    small starter herd for sale

    Hi I am selling 2 ex milking cows,will need to be Pd'd to determine whether in calf, for sale alongside a pure Italian bull calf. All have very good milking genetics, very easy to handle, milky animals, superb mothers, good feet. Selling because they're surplus to requirements. For more...
  18. waterbuffalofarmer

    2 ewes with singles at foot

    Hi I am selling 2 ewes with single lambs at foot, surplus to requirements. 1 welsh ewe and 1 Lleyn ewe, both pure. Lambs are ram lambs (entire) out of a pure Lleyn top 5% Macaroni ram, out of prize winning showram. Both have good conformations and are large bois. The mothers have plenty of milk...
  19. waterbuffalofarmer

    2 water buffalo females for sale

    I am selling 2 water buffalo females, if anyone is interested. 1 ex milking cow, has been running with bull and should be in calf, excellent mother and easy calver. Good temperament, easy to handle and good on feet. Looking for a good forever home. Also have 1 cull heifer for sale, can be kept...
  20. waterbuffalofarmer

    Farm work wanted with accommodation

    Hi I am looking on behalf of a family member. Needs to be within mid-south Wales areas. PM for more details :) Cheers

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