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  1. Farmer T


    That’s what I’ve been doing today with some wild oat killer added in. Looks clean for now but seemed right to take some cheap insurance at the same time.
  2. Farmer T

    My Bridgeway Biostimulant trial

    I want biostimulants to work and love the theory however I tried last year in wheat, beet and OSR and saw nothing from the yield maps. Disappointed and didn’t purchase any this year. BBRO and TAG have also tried without success so far. However good luck @Clive and I hope it works for you.
  3. Farmer T

    2019 t0

    Only decent spray day is Monday. Winter barley and wheat due to get CCC but with Tuesday and Wednesday night at 0C do I drop it out of the tank mix?
  4. Farmer T

    2019 Beet area

    Frontier at Diss is the main place for seed with the most options on varieties. All 4 factories have some seed but a lot limited on varieties.
  5. Farmer T

    2019 Beet area

    You’re spot on- it seems not so uniform as previous years- thanks for the picture. I’ve seen worse than that I’m afraid but as far as I’m aware they haven’t caused any issues so far.
  6. Farmer T

    2019 Beet area

    If you’re concerned then you can take some pictures of the irregular seed shape and send them to NFU Sugar or put them on here? Would be interesting to see how irregular they are!
  7. Farmer T

    nitrogen application

    With every plant limited to how much N it can take up per day, putting it all on earlier will decrease your N efficiency through ammonia losses to the atmosphere and soil leaching. However if the forecast remains steady and the soil temperatures are appropriate I would say it’s a discussion...
  8. Farmer T

    New Zealand food standards and farming practices

    I’m not here to start a pointless argument but if Wikipedia has focused on farming and only given the other reasons a sentence each- there’s probably a reason. I was out there in December last year and saw what practices are going on. As you said without any subsidy to take from farmers there...
  9. Farmer T

    New Zealand food standards and farming practices

    I’ll just leave this here. Interesting reading.
  10. Farmer T

    New Zealand food standards and farming practices

    Environmental standards? Buffer strips near water. NVZs. All sprayers annually calibrated. All pesticides approved by a BASIS qualified agronomist. Buffer strips next to hedges. Many many pesticides have been banned in the UK which NZ use (although Bravo is banned in NZ but not on environmental...
  11. Farmer T

    New Zealand food standards and farming practices

    I would swap my farm with a farm half the size in New Zealand because it’s an amazing country and wonderful people. However, their environmental standards are significantly below UK standards, at least regarding crop production. The ‘problem’ they have with such good soil and weather, almost...
  12. Farmer T

    Red tractor assurance scheme alternatives

    I think this is a bit harsh. Over the last 12 months under Jim Mosely the RT have branched our into advertising what they do to the public rather than just turning up at farmer events. Why this has took 18 years to figure out don’t ask me but it is a key change imo. Post Brexit no one can...
  13. Farmer T

    HLS Inspection errors.

    Going through the same experience as the OP right now. Being fined for 2017 and also retrospectively for 2016 without any evidence. Tremendously frustrating and stressful. Our inspector also gave us no impression he was fining us for this when he left us otherwise I would have gone to said...
  14. Farmer T

    Combinables Price Tracker

    Less soybeans than expected, and slightly lower wheat. However lots of corn to balance it out (even though it’s all in China somewhere). Lower wheat plantings and they’ve trimmed the soy bean predictions.
  15. Farmer T

    Countryside Stewardship offer

    The contract is completely different to ELS- I wish I had known. I’m currently getting back fined without any evidence what so ever- and they can do it if they please. It’s absolutely shocking how the CSS has been done. Beware anyone who goes into it. Also beware of the inspector. Ours...
  16. Farmer T

    Countryside Stewardship offer

    I met with the inspector several times to make sure this kind of situation wouldn’t happen. What he put in the report that led to the fines was not discussed at all. In fact he made a call to disallow a certain option but has been overruled since. However this had all taken a lot of time just...
  17. Farmer T

    Countryside Stewardship offer

    Something strange is happening with me at the moment. I have received some fines from an inspection in 2017. Under the old ELS as long as you had carried out the whole scheme with good faith and were still over the threshold you weren’t fined. It seems the CSS finds you for every tiny...
  18. Farmer T

    Payment timings for Mid/Higher Tier

    Same happened here. 2017 inspection. A lot of time taken up talking to the inspector. Over a year until I get the report. Fined a couple thousand- completely incorrectly. Money taken away from the 2017 I currently haven’t received. Obviously not received a penny from 2018. An absolute...
  19. Farmer T

    british sugar levy refund overdue?

    NFU Sugar are on the case still. There are discussions ongoing about the interest that’s also due with payment. Hopefully it’ll all be resolved before the end of March by the latest.
  20. Farmer T

    Oxford Farming Conference 2019

    Went last year and absolutely loved it- I wasn’t expecting it to be my kind of thing but I was wrong. Some of the most interesting talks I’ve ever heard. The delegate list is full of people worth having a chat with and the BASF EL course was brilliant. I’m even paying out of my own pocket...

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