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  1. ollie989898

    You got kids?

    If you have kids and no form of suitable restraint system, it is worth noting that WorldeBook are making their entire collection of books (and audiobooks) free to use.!/
  2. ollie989898

    Honestly now...

    Who amongst us is honestly chill AF right now? Freezer is loaded. Got tea bags. Don't take milk in tea. Got heating oil/diesel and logs sat waiting. Plenty of work to do the second it's dry enough. Until then just gonna fettle your chainsaw/motorbike/computer games/lego?
  3. ollie989898

    330 billion

    All I can say is fudge really.
  4. ollie989898

    Get folding...

    Anyone with a GPU, clean off the fans/heatsinks and get on folding at home. Took me near half an hour before my client could be allocated a work unit such is the sudden surge in demand for them. Mental.
  5. ollie989898

    Looking For Work Tractor/machine operator

    Thirty-something chap seeks tractor/machine operator position for 6-18 months. Somerset or surrounding areas preferred but would commute or live away for the right position. Experience of silage/grain cart, tankering, cultivations and livestock work, etc. Would suit large arable/contractor or AD...
  6. ollie989898

    B and B pig operators

    Anyone here doing it? Would you please be kind enough to show us a photo or two or your setup and mention what number you house, what stage you get them and send them and also how much labour is involved? This is being discussed in another thread...
  7. ollie989898

    Work wear/boots

    Hope this is in the right section. Need to buy myself a few bits before the coming season starts. I don't actually own any work boots and my old ones were well past their best years ago and weren't replaced. Also I am looking for a sensible pair of work trousers as I've never found jeans that...
  8. ollie989898

    New posters

    Good to see a fair few new faces here and some more long time members who are making their first few tentative posts. I always have to remember not to bring the hammer down on them by accident. You know how it is, new guy pops up, makes a post you don't agree with so you and your crew smash...
  9. ollie989898

    EU desperation... BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union’s central interest in forging a free trade agreement with Britain is to agree common social and environmental standards and...
  10. ollie989898

    Following on from: noisy neighbours

    Given the utility TFF has when it comes to answering all those difficult questions in life (how to get rid of a dead horse/how to dispatch deer following a RTA/does shaving make it look bigger, etc), I thought I would ask one of those typically seasonal questions that might be very useful for...
  11. ollie989898

    The worst decade....

    What say the TFF massive on their opinions of the worst decade going? I'd nominate the 80s. Why? Let's list the reasons. Terrorism- the Beirut bombings happened in 1983. Falklands war- 1982. Chernobyl- 1986. UK entered recession and unemployment hit 12.5% in 1982 and became a net importer...
  12. ollie989898

    Forward milk contracts

    I note from the yellow peril I fished out of the bin recently that one buyer is offering forward milk contracts for 3 years at a set price- I presume this is linked to a supply deal of finished product to a retailer at some stage. Anyway, going from memory the set price was 28 pence a litre but...
  13. ollie989898

    BBC: The secret life of farm animals

    Lots of animal factoids, quite imaginative narrative and story telling. Wonder what the forum makes of the Knepp rewilding and how they keep their cattle? Basically they let them run wild. Over 3000 acres and left to run.
  14. ollie989898

    Labour party announce plans to nationalise Openreach telecoms network LONDON (Reuters) - Britain’s opposition Labour Party plans to nationalize BT’s broadband network to provide free internet for all if it wins power...
  15. ollie989898

    50 billion remain bonus...

    I see the Lib Dems are claiming there is some kind of mythical 50 billion bonus for the UK staying fully within the UK. This is of course a figure based on (very optimistic) forecasts, a bit like say Sterling collapsing in the event of just a no vote. Do people still believe this nonsense? Rat...
  16. ollie989898

    The shame of the English

    Seems shaming the English is quite popular these days. Here is the latest iteration blaming us for yet more of the ills in the world. I was unaware the English stole Welsh coal or steel but you learn something new everyday...
  17. ollie989898

    Best axe to split logs/make kindling etc

    It will soon be that season to start the stove up but in all honesty I do not actually own and axe or hatchet. I have a respectable pile of logs but I deliberately cut them all shortish (around 8 inches in length) so they would fit our stove. All the serious splitting I did last year with a full...
  18. ollie989898

    Foreign ISIS fighters facing death penalty in Iraq PARIS (Reuters) - A U.N. investigator rebuked France on Monday for its possible role in the transfer of seven suspected jihadists from Syria to Iraq, but Paris dismissed...
  19. ollie989898

    Metallurgical question

    Can anyone shed light on what metal these are made of? They smell quite coppery if that helps. And also how best to clean the corrosion off of them, they are from a piece of furniture and I would very much like to clean them up and replace them where they belong. They won't ever be pristine or...
  20. ollie989898

    Little question for the maths gurus- statistics

    I have some experimental results I have generated from practical work. The sample size is very small (20) purely for practical reasons relating to the practical work involved but I need to know if the differences between samples is large enough to be valid, is that essentially what we mean by...

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