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  1. Fraserb

    Any members near, Aberdeen/ Peterculter?

    Basically as the title says, I'm up here for a few days with the family, been driving about and often wonder if I'm looking at a members place?
  2. Fraserb

    Situation Vacant Assistant Dairy Manager
  3. Fraserb

    CR 8.90

    Following on from last weeks question about getting the best from a lexion 760, weather permitting its the Nh's turn on tuesday so is it basically the same principle as the lexion or anything else to watch out for.
  4. Fraserb

    Lexion 760

    Weather permitting we've got a lexion 760/750 coming on demo tomorrow, I've only ever driven walker machines so any advice or tips would be gratefully received.
  5. Fraserb

    Greenstar autotrac fault

    Got a problem with the autotrac on our 7930, we've had it for 3 years and it was 2nd hand when we got it, we've never used the autotrac on it until today, set it up and basically it doesn't seem to want to steer left, if you engage it slightly off line it'll steer to the right to correct its...
  6. Fraserb

    2600 screen issue

    Finished spraying a field and my screen froze, switched off and it done its usual saving data to card, re started and it started loading as normal but came up with the screen shown below and won't do anything, will speak to dealer in the morning but has anyone any ideas tonight? Thanks in advance
  7. Fraserb

    Electric hyd control

    On a static piece of kit at work there's a hyd valve operated by a long rod with a handle at the end, push one way to open, pull to close, it would be good if I could make it electrically operated so could have a switch further away from the valve but it also still needs to be able to operate as...
  8. Fraserb

    massey 575 pto clutch

    Has anyone any experience of changing the PTO clutch in s Massey 575, how big a job is it?
  9. Fraserb

    Ecofan and rayburn

    Ok wasn't sure the best place for this but will try in here, In our kitchen,dining-living room we have an oil fired non boiler rayburn at one end which does a brilliant job of heating one end of the room but the other end is still pretty cold so have to run the heating to heat the radiators...
  10. Fraserb

    Converting single to double acting

    Right folks have a mate with a mini digger and he's wanting to fit a tilting grading bucket to it, the issue is it has no service piped to the front but it does have pipework for a hammer so was wondering if its possible to plumb something up. Was wondering if it was possible to have a valve so...
  11. Fraserb

    Difference between 3cx contractor and sitemaster

    As the title really, what are the differences between a 3cx contractor and sitemaster 4 turbo
  12. Fraserb

    Farming videos from the past

    Im not 100% sure these havent been on here before, I know they were definitely on the other side but ive got someone wanting a link to them so apologies if you've saw them before.
  13. Fraserb

    Hydraulic side knife

    Looks like we're going to be cutting some OSR next week to help out a neighbour, we dont have a sideknife for our header but the neighbour has a hydraulic one from a lexion we can have, had a look at it today and it's going to be easy enough to make it fit on but was wondering if just tee-ing...
  14. Fraserb

    JD 6210r electrical issue

    I've been drilling with our 6210 and lemken drill the last couple of days and I've got a slight problem. The drill has work lights fitted, these are selected on the drills control box then when you switch the tractors side lights on the drills lights come on, the problem is the tractor just...
  15. Fraserb

    New cubicle shed and parlour

    These are photos from last year when we built a new cubicle shed and parlour at work. Some people will have looked at them on the other site but for those that didnt here goes. Scraping the site This shed was originaly built as a straw shed and converted to cubicles First job was...
  16. Fraserb

    New (ish) tractor

    I had a thread on the other site with our new tractor and planned to update it as time went on, seeing as its gone I'll start a new one here. Its arrival a long with the new mower
  17. Fraserb

    A3 printer

    My old printer has packed in so on the lookout for a new one, I quite fancy an A3 printer for some of the things I print out, how ever the other half prints out a few photos and is worried the A3 printer wont be as good at this so I'm wondering if anyone has experience of photo printing with an...

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