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  1. melted welly

    The what I f^cked up today thread...

    Go for it, be £200 well spent. Did Mram at Warwickshire college years ago, learnt more in 4 months than 3 years at Agri college. welding is easy once you learn the techniques, and learning will be easier if you’ve no self taught bad habits to start with.
  2. melted welly

    Pure fekwits compete for the Darwin awards in Ireland

    I’m maybe naive, having on just realised what Twitter is, but do they actually post the footage without the pixelated faces for anyone to see who they are?
  3. melted welly

    All year round strawberries at Beeswax Carrington.

    From the director who brought us sharknado?
  4. melted welly


    You could just write “moderator” across that picture of your face using the paint function on your computer. No one need know it’s an assumed power..........;)
  5. melted welly


    we’ve a brae here that’s claimed a few victims, chap was coasting the loadall down it, met car and hit the brakes, snapped a half shaft 😕 Another chap over revved a jd7810 to the extent of shattering half the little metal caps that sit on the valve stems.
  6. melted welly

    things that make you smile

    Just seen a deer being another deer. Proper blue on blue friendly fire 🤣
  7. melted welly

    Roundup Causes Cancer

    B and Q haven’t stocked glyphosate for a while, it’s all that vinegar stuff
  8. melted welly

    Stiga mower problem

    It’s on the brake pedal and it’s ok. was over some rough ground, think I’ve maybe broken, or dislodged a wire/switch.
  9. melted welly

    Stiga mower problem

    had the multimeter on them and all seem ok, only one I’m a bit uncertain of is the clutch switch which isnt an open/shut type but an either/or type which is working as such, but I don’t understand why it is that. Looking for wiring diagram online.
  10. melted welly

    Jeremy Clarkson, “No vegging out on break back mountain” article !!

    He‘s got a big Grassmen style whippy CB aerial on it. is that his wife??!!
  11. melted welly

    Were do you get your news from

    most folk I speak to turn it off precisely because of the obsession with death and negativity.
  12. melted welly

    Stiga mower problem

    🤣 I dunno what my wife does to it when she turns it off but ours does that too when she’s in command. phut phut ......phut .................BANG!! just like uncle Bucks car
  13. melted welly

    Stiga mower problem

    There’s power comes out of the ignition barrel, but never actually checked at the relay, that’s a good shout I’ll try it. thanks 👍
  14. melted welly

    Were do you get your news from

    bbc news in the morning before breakfast comes on, then read local paper online, tff and twitter. Might dip into radio 4 or radio Scotland during day but generally don’t last too long as they invariably start obsessing about hairdressers or dogs and I get fed up. lately not been watching any...
  15. melted welly

    Stiga mower problem

    Only got’s not a very hi tech machine.......but obviously just hi tech enough that its beaten me!
  16. melted welly

    Stiga mower problem

    No, my one doesn’t. One on the deck clutch, one on the seat and one on the brake. look like simple open/shut switches.
  17. melted welly

    Stiga mower problem

    Good evening, anyone had any experience with stiga mowers? Got a 2007 park compact 14. Stalled it mowing verges yesterday and it’s completely dead. battery got 12.5V all safety cut out switches seem to be working fine. fuse fine. 12.5V to ignition and when turn to start position get voltage...
  18. melted welly

    Self propelled or Mounted .....Transport Box

    Sounds like you need a 900 series with reverse drive. That way you can get your link box with the front mounting kit on the front linkage, then turn the seat and drive in reverse so that the box is still on the 🤔
  19. melted welly

    Nicola sturgeon

    Such benevolence in times of national crisis, it brings a tear to the eye. I hope you get extra points for doing it. 🤣
  20. melted welly

    Nicola sturgeon

    where do you find these things???? Is it a specialist browser or service you subscribe to?🤣

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