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  1. melted welly

    Stiga mower problem

    Good evening, anyone had any experience with stiga mowers? Got a 2007 park compact 14. Stalled it mowing verges yesterday and it’s completely dead. battery got 12.5V all safety cut out switches seem to be working fine. fuse fine. 12.5V to ignition and when turn to start position get voltage...
  2. melted welly

    Arrowhead or stone?

    As above, is it a quartz arrowhead or just a bit of a stone? cheers
  3. melted welly

    Cross conveyor 20mm web reekie reliance 5174

    Does anyone have or know of a cross conveyor web for Reekie Reliance 5174 stone separator for sale please? Thanks
  4. melted welly

    At least Richard Turpin had the decency to wear a mask..... Sedex

    So for those of us lucky enough to supply either directly or indirectly into the supermarkets, the most successful "Auditing" cartel of recent years has rolled out it's new self assessment questionnaire. I've been at it an hour, still in section 1 of 3 and developing feelings of hatred I've...
  5. melted welly

    Radio Scotland vegan phone in.

    Another vegan article taking up an hour of radio time. Excellent call in from farmer called John. if you’re on here, well done, you came across brilliantly
  6. melted welly

    2012 navara good buy or risky?

    Looking for new truck (well, new to me) found 2012 navara with sub 30k miles, looks like it’s spent it’s life in town. What’s experience of these trucks? its quite far away and not been to look at it yet thanks
  7. melted welly

    2.4m push broom replacement bristles

    Has anyone replaced the bristles on a 2.4m wide Spaldings push broom? Wondering what the replacements cost. Thanks
  8. melted welly

    Inappropriate Sequels for 2020

    The human mind is a strange thing. Towards the end of a 4hr Friday afternoon stint in the office mine drifted t thinking of inappropriate sequels to films/tv shows: Mental Ben. bear gone bad Bi-curious George The gAy team Thomas the vegan engine One foot in the EU The snowflake man The...
  9. melted welly

    Sparrow hawk

    Got one, or a pair started working round here. A real pleasure watching them hunt the feral pigeons, must be knocking off one or two a day going by the puffs of feathers left about the place. Took one in mid air yesterday and landed almost at my feet, slight readjustment to the hold and took off...
  10. melted welly

    JCB 536-60 hydraulics

    JCB 536-60 2014 farm super (or something like that) model. using yesterday and lost all hydraulics on the joystick. It’s as if I’ve hit the little red mushroom button to isolate the joystick, but haven’t. No error codes on screen, steering and drive all fine. can activate and deactivate the...
  11. melted welly


    Found this stone and as my B in higher geography didnt cover ‘wierd stones”, wondering if anyone knows how it was formed. looks like a mix of sand stones.
  12. melted welly

    New trailer build 1:8 scale

    It‘s not long till Christmas now and as tiny minds start to think about the imminent visit of 🎅🏻, I’ve landed a request from one of my junior executives for a new trailer. He‘s throwing some exciting ideas around, like it needs to be be a tipper and a tanker and a fertiliser spreader, so I’m...
  13. melted welly

    B*st*rd bat boxes

    Anyone made their own bat box, or have a plan of what one should look like? Apparently they’ve to be made out of woodcrete (who knew?). Any advice be appreciated (within reason). Have looked at buying one but it’s 3-4month lead time and they’re needing at least £90 online for a box, which...
  14. melted welly

    Does a Gregoire Besson mouldboard fit a Naud plough?

    As per title. The bodies and mouldboards look very similar and i think Besson has acquired the Naud rights. I think our Naud ploughs will last forever but getting the wearing parts will become harder. Mouldboards are the first casualty, had a quote for £325/board! :oops: ...
  15. melted welly

    New Holland CX combine steps broken

    Anyone had the misfortune of breaking the pivot pin that holds the steps on? Broken ours off extracting combine from a wet hole and can't figure out how to get the pin out or the turntable mechanism off. Don't really want to weld them on solid.....
  16. melted welly

    Toyota industrial forklift carriage rollers

    Need to change the rollers on the carriage as one has disintegrated and the others are worn. I have the new rollers, now wondering how we actually go about it. Anyone done them before and have any tips?
  17. melted welly

    Stuff summed up in a single image

    1. Countryfile
  18. melted welly

    BBC click

    Wow, apparently we’ve developed an “artificial tree” to tackle co2 emissions. Spencer flew out to California to see this hitech piece of kit in its big air conditioned concrete shed where the inventor reckons we’d need to build 11 million of these machines. Presumably from steel etc. The...
  19. melted welly

    Definitely not ghosts...

    Anyone else live in an old house where strange stuff happens? We get the door into the garden opening on its own. The catch is quite new and shuts firmly but it opens itself randomly. I watched it do it once when I was telling a friend about it, didn’t notice if handle moved. Get woken up by...
  20. melted welly

    Listed farmhouse in Scotland

    Does anyone know where to find out the reason that for a farmhouse being listed? All we can find is a single picture on the Canmore site with little detail. Ours was listed in 1976, it’s dated as being “period unassigned” condition was recorded as “derelict”. The council and Historic Scotland...

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