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    Archery club searching for woodland

    Isn't there one at Ombersley already?
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    Horse gallops round outside of fields

    I'm a horse person too, and I'm sorry to agree with many of the less positive posts! People do pay for linking routes between bridlepaths and lanes and avoiding horrible roads. Some do it on an informal basis and bung the farmer some cash once a year, otherwise there is the TROT scheme, which...
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    May hay

    Just what we were discussing this morning.
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    Rats - worth getting terriers?

    We had a very bad rat problem once, and did our own clear out with poison and traps. They got so bold, I saw one in daylight in the middle of the yard eating a bean. It meant buying traps and really keeping the bait points topped up. We have a terrier and she does catch and kill them when she...
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    Zetor/John Deere

    We also have a John Deere which was bought new and is about 20 years old and after a few teething troubles, has had a long and reliable working life. I have said that when it goes I am retiring as it is very simple to drive and you can put anyone on it and since I am only dragged out at silage...
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    Zetor/John Deere

    Not your models, but we have an ancient Zetor that has never let us down. On more than one occasion it has pulled home broken-down newer, fancier, tractors that have suddenly stopped. It now spends time on the grain drier, but if necessary will be put to work pulling trailer if everything else...
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    bloody cyclists

    Well said.
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    intercostal muscle strain?

    A bad muscle strain can take quite a while to mend, so you just have to let it heal up which means time. Did the doctor say anything about applying gentle heat, like a hot water bottle? I was pushing a loaded wheelbarrow once and had a sudden pain which felt as if a knife had ripped up my...
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    Anyone know how TB testing is organised during Covid 19?

    TB testing taking place outside as I type. My presence is not required as there are enough helpers. Social distancing seems to be OK, no cups of tea today.
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    Channel 4 now - The Truth about Traveller Crime

    There are many, many gypsy families living locally. There is one small compound a short distance away and we try to keep on good terms. We cut the hedge for them and I once pulled out a caravan with the tractor. However, we always load up small bales of hay and never leave them out in the...
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    To build a grain store or not?

    I think that was a special case, but there are parts of the build that can be put against tax. I went to a meeting a couple of years ago and the accountants were going through what was and was not allowable. So need to find out first.
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    Fruit pickers

    I am reading on another discussion group that people are replying to advertisements for fruit picking and being rudely turned down. They are the sort who are prepared to work and pretty fed up with the attitude that British people don't want to work.
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    Nostalgia, how far back can you remember ?

    I can remember seeing the cart horses going up and down the orchard between the trees of my friend's fruit farm. We helped load the boxes of fruit onto flatbed lorries and her father would take us to market when he took loads of daffodils in a little trailer. The men would eat in the stables -...
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    Footpaths and Farmyards.

    There is a way to create a new right of way, it is called Express Dedication where a landowner offers the route and the users accept the route. There are two disadvantages though, 1. the old route still exists, (not sure how easy it is for a extinguishing order) and 2. getting the local...
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    How covid19 actually kills in-depth surgeons point of view

    Just watched that video. Grim. OH says it is like viral pneumonia in cattle. Bad news.
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    Will game shooting go ahead this autumn?

    Well Chris Packham will be pleased if game shooting is put on hold!
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    Will game shooting go ahead this autumn?

    I was wondering this the other day. People I know rear 100,000 birds, but they come from France, so will they be able to import these chicks? It is ironic - the farm above enters environmental competitions and wins prizes, has lots of wildlife. We on the otherhand do no shooting, and have...
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    Just seen on Twitter McDonalds is shutting.

    You are very rude about McDonalds. During the BSE time when they stopped buying British beef, the WFU was in close contact with them. Wherever their restuarants are, they try as far as possible to use local supplies, so long as it meets their criteria. So bread, salad items, chips, etc., it...
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    Just seen on Twitter McDonalds is shutting.

    We've been selling to a firm that supplies the catering and restaurant trade. Premium for Angus, etc removed. Just wonder where all that supply will be going.
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    Turning out cattle under tb restrictions.

    Neighbour nearly killed MIL with that! Their boundary fence had a powerful electric fence unit, it was a long boundary. Our cattle were grazing there. MIL walked over to look at them and accidentally put her hand on the fence, briefly. Later she said she had pain in her chest, so she was...

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