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    Fendt or Fastrac

    Seems to me the keyboard warriors on here have already made up there mind about the abilities of the modern Fastrac. Neither having sat in one or operated one. Put 600 tyres on your Fendt ( I’ve nothing against a Fendt by the way) at the same track setting and see for yourself how they turn...
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    Fastrack 4220

    Don’t knock a 4220 until you’ve tried one. Remember nothing is perfect.
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    Highway tow bowsers and ADR

    Workmate of mine was told by a well known bowser maker that we could tow a 4500 ltr bowser on the road with a tractor or forklift as long as we did not exceed 20 mph. Without an adr.
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    Which rake for 3x 10ft swaths

    Got a class 2800 here and it will do everything you need no probs.
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    Fasttrac 4220 gearbox issues

    Mines had a diff go. But that’s all it’s had in 2000 hours. Broke Friday at 5 and collected sat at12. I tell a lie it had an exhaust bracket crack. No reliability issues here. (Yet).
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    4000 series Fastrac user experience ?

    I’ve got a 14 month old 4220 and it’s had an upgraded front diff and an air tank switch. Plus an exhaust bracket. Not bad for 1500 hrs I would say. Dealer and jcb back up very good.

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