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    Wynnstay Seed

    Just a warning to those with seed orders with Wynnstay, ordered Triticale seed on 28th august, thought I had better chase it today to be informed that the seed will not be even processed for another ten days, so not likely to be here for at least two weeks. Apparently it has come as a shock to...
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    CMF Buying

    Anybody had and dealings with CMF buying Malmesbury, I have put an offer on a grain pusher on Ebay, but can't get a reply, a quick google search doesn't come up with much, am I wasting my time?
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    Wanted TB restricted calves

    I am looking for TB restricted calves ideally in the midlands or Wales. Looking for bunches of 30+, continentals, Herefords or Angus, no Holstein/freisens. Happy to come in and take a mixture of on milk and weaned calves if that's any help. Payment on day of collection. PM me on here if of...
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    4G internet

    I Currently have a satellite system through Big Blu on my AD plant, it works fine when it is working, but once again it is down this weekend and there is no back up. And it is expensive at £62.49 per month. We have recently got 4G locally and it the coverage seems ok by the AD plant through a...
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    AD and EA

    Just thought I would post my most recent dealings with the EA. I run a 400kW on farm digester using standard farm inputs on a standard rules permit, all digestate on own land. Last October I had my annual visit was told that they are focusing on tank integrity at 5 years they require all tanks...
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    JCB 541-70

    Does anyone know who would do a long term hire on this machine, looking to change and want to price up hire against purchase.
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    Bio extruder

    Anyone heard of or is using a Bio extruder from Rika biofuels. When we installed our plant we installed a Gorator, which promised to do the same sort of thing by breaking down the cell walls, it was way to costly to run, and in my opinion did nothing to increase gas yields, just wondered if...
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    Dowdeswell Plough Spares

    Having a workshop clear out and found these, never been used I bought them for use on our Dowdeswell DP7D, but may fit other models, there is; 1 complete skim assembly less wearing parts 4 shares, 3 oneside 1 the other 1 Skim frog 1 Landside 1 converter for reversible points £50 the lot buyer...
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    I know we are all very happy to complain about the RPA and other government agencies, but BCMS have never failed to help me when I have rung. I have changed my stock recording system last year and made some errors, reporting cattle dead when they are not. BCMS have been most helpful in sorting...
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    AMT Engineering Co. Louth

    Anyone know or have contact details for this company. I have one of their root choppers and need a new shaft, but both the phone numbers on the website won't connect to anyone.
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    AD Business rates

    I had a letter from the rating office last month requesting information on my AD plant, which I duly returned. I have now been hit with a massive business rates bill, backdated to April 2015. I thought that as a farm based AD I would be exempt has anyone had a dealings with the ratings office...
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    Anyone using these for their ppa? Been invited to a presentation next week, but its quite far away and don't want to make the effort if they are no good.
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    Anyone using it, good or bad points. Thinking of getting a tough i pad type affair to use the program on as find phones a bit of a strain after a while inputting data
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    Concrete Panels

    Would anyone like to quote for concrete panels delivered to HR3 20no. 15ft x 6ft 8no. 14ft x 6ft. 100mm thickness, supplied with mastic and fixings. Cheers Nick
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    Straw Northampton to Hereford

    As above anyone coming back empty, got a fair bit to move.
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    TB costs

    Does anyone know what vets are paid per head for testing. Getting fedup with the practice sending numpties out to do my test.
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    Mobile phones and employees

    How do employers and employees deal with the above? I am currently sorting out our Health & Safety on farm, and want to provide clear guidelines to employees on mobile phone use during work time. I realise that they are part of modern society, and as lone workers they are useful for an...
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    Feed declaration

    Having trouble with a supplier, I have bought an amount of blended biscuit meal type feed for inclusion in my cattle diet, only problem is there is no feed declaration sheet coming with the loads. Each time I have informed the rep, who assures me he will get onto it, asked him again last week...
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    Agri weld beet bucket

    Had a secondhand one of these dropped off today, had the wrong fittings so only got it going this evening but it doesn't seem to be doing a great job. Should the fins in the cutting die be sharp, they are very dull and bits of beet top are folding over the cutting edge and stopping it cutting...
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    Calf Feeders

    Kiwi kit hook over calf feeders, only used to wean 70 calves, each feeder will feed ten calves, the feeders will come with a pack of ten new teats. Very good condition. £250.

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