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  1. Bobthebuilder

    Suction/blower pipes

    Is there a tool you can get to make new flanges on the pipes for clipping them together
  2. Bobthebuilder


    had someone asking how much water i could put through our sprayer the other day as they where toying with the idea of putting some water on S Barley, i told him he'd be better off with a slurry tanker but only if he had a god supply of water, i know there'll be a calculation somewhere but how...
  3. Bobthebuilder

    new cylinder head on chainsaw

    Not had much to do with small engines and was wondering how easy/difficult a job it is to change the cylinder head on a husqvarna 353 chainsaw, atm the thread is stripped and spark plug wont stay in and i see you can get a kit online to replace head,piston and rings for @ £30, any special tools...
  4. Bobthebuilder


    What’s gonna happen when sheep are ready to be clipped if the lads/lasses can’t travel around, I heard yesterday the kiwis that normally head to Canada before coming to Britain aren’t traveling, surely they could get some kind of licence as it will become an animal welfare issue if sheep can’t...
  5. Bobthebuilder

    Sale Might be some items of interest to someone on here, alloy fencing, staging, floor mats and some other bits n bobs
  6. Bobthebuilder

    measurements required

    I have a project in the planning stage and looking for the measurements of 2 cattle, 2 sheep , 2 pigs, 2 horses, 2 goats............................................oh and does anyone have any spare planks of wood as most spare timber up here is getting chipped for biomass :cautious:
  7. Bobthebuilder

    Fert spreader auto shut off

    After a blunder I’ve managed to wipe the implement settings off my amatron box [emoji849] got it working again of sorts but not quite shutting off/ starting in the correct place on headland in auto mode, anyone know where these 2 measurements refer to on a mounted machine
  8. Bobthebuilder

    Power harrow strip down

    Started stripping down broken PH, What’s left of top bearing on the rotor that fell out the other day That was all the rollers I could find [emoji57] So it was the whole top off and wash the trough out job [emoji849] Will get a look tomorrow at the gears now they’re clean to see what...
  9. Bobthebuilder

    going rate for small hay bales

    got a local horsey place want to buy a few hay bales 20-30 what's the going rate for small square hay bales this year?
  10. Bobthebuilder

    Wet day(s) in the workshop

    Been playing with the grinder and welder when we should’ve been harvesting [emoji57] Just needs floor put in, mobile access platform
  11. Bobthebuilder

    Great Yorkshire Show

    Anyone going/showing? having a run down on wednesday, about 5 years since i was last there and didn't get to the highland this year
  12. Bobthebuilder

    Landy drain jetter

    Are landy drain jetters still an active member on here ? Just wondering if they could shed some light onto why the spiral nozzle on the pressure washer lance attachment isn’t spiralling anymore, it’s just coming out in a narrow jet about the size of little finger still with plenty pressure tho
  13. Bobthebuilder

    Drain detection

    We have a drain blocked in cottage yard, water gets away very slowly but putting jetter pipe up from manhole only gets 20m or so before coming to a stop, don’t know where the drain runs or goes to but wondering if these pipe/cable detectors would be able to find the drain through the tarmac yard...
  14. Bobthebuilder

    BBC program Earth from space wonder if neonics are banned on their rape seed and if they spray for sclerotinia
  15. Bobthebuilder

    Amazon ZAM hydro

    Getting fluctuating disc speed on amatron box but still looks like it’s spreading ok, will it be disc speed sensor fault or anyone had issues with disc drive motor
  16. Bobthebuilder

    Project mower refurb

    With age and a few foreign objects getting the better of it it’s time to refurbish the mower, new discs, skids,bed spacer blocks and hexagon drive shaft.
  17. Bobthebuilder

    scottish grand national

    better luck this week in the scottish national, our trainer won it with 1 of his 2 runners, Taking Risks @25/1 nice :greedy::greedy::greedy: but i also had 2nd and 3rd each way :woot:
  18. Bobthebuilder

    Converting sucker/blower

    Would it be possible to convert this sucker/blower to a pto driven machine rather than 3phase electric? It has 2 motors on it tho, 1 on main fan And 1 smaller 1 on the bottom of Venturi funnel Would it be a case of just connecting small motor drive to the main 1 with some belts and the...
  19. Bobthebuilder

    forklift tyres

    jcb 536-60 needing a set of tyres AGAIN michy XMCL's on atm and previously but don't seem to be lasting long enough for the price of them o_O anyone got those different tread type that use in quarry and the like, how are they wearing and how do they perform off road/yard?, also what do you call...
  20. Bobthebuilder

    half price boots

    anyone looking for a good pair of hunting/shooting/walking boots, John Norris has a half price deal on Harkilas atm, just ordered a pair of the 12" Pro hunters myself (y)

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