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    Drilling Spring Barley with a Claydon SR

    I drilled some spring barley with my SR yesterday and rolled in today, as far as set up I put the front tine in between 4-5 inches and just buried the seed into filth and levelled over using the rear paddles. It went into a oat / vetch cover, it didn’t look the tidiest as I was drilling it but...
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    Claydon 3.45 SR Drill HP requirement

    I run a 3.45 SR and had it on a 150hp deutz with was both under powered and under weight but just did the job aslong as your not wanting to put the legs in deep and on heavy ground. After taking on more contract drilling and needing to do a better job in more situations I now have a 7930 which...
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    jd 6800 roof lineing

    I tried cutting and spraying glue with our 6800 lining and it didn't do it, just made a sticky mess as the liner allows the glue come through. I ended up putting 4 teck bolts with large washers on in each corner to hold it back up
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    Large square baler: CLAAS - CLAAS 1200 QUADRANT BALER

    Listing has been sold via
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    Large square baler: CLAAS - CLAAS 1200 QUADRANT BALER

    Large square baler: CLAAS - CLAAS 1200 QUADRANT BALER Category: Large square baler Manufacturer: CLAAS Price: £6000 Condition: Used Description: 1990 Claas 1200 Baler - 1.2m X 0.7m 6 String I've owned the baler for 5 season and it has been faultless baling around 1500/year ONLY straw and...

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