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  1. onthehoof

    MF 6270 oil leak

    As above pulling load of hay home in hot weather when I stopped tractor it threw about a cupful of what looks like engine oil out underneath. Started her up again and no leak, any ideas? Looks like back of engine where joins transmission
  2. onthehoof

    Hay quality rubbish

    we are finding this year the grass is rubbish even before we try and make it into hay, no colour, no smell can only think it was all the rain we had in June, never known it this bad before, anyone else in the same boat
  3. onthehoof

    Leaking air seat

    where do I start trying to fix it
  4. onthehoof

    Brome in hayfield

    Got masses of it this year in just one field and frankly it’s ruined the crop. Field has been down to grass for 20 years and never had this before guess there’s nothing I can spray it out with and if I reseed it will probably come back worse than ever :scratchhead:
  5. onthehoof

    If we weren’t fecked before we are now Thoughts??
  6. onthehoof

    JCB telehandler boom squealing

    I know this is common with these when boom is pushed right out but why do they do it and is there an easy fix
  7. onthehoof

    EU infighting

    seems they can’t agree on top jobs, just thinking there’s some big splits coming Macron trying to rule the roost, Merkel on way out, eastern bloc clubbing together against old powers, seems like recipe for big bust up. Good time to be jumping ship??
  8. onthehoof

    K seal stop leak

    supposed to be good stuff, does it last long term? got weeping rad which will cost £400 to replace or a bottle of this for £18
  9. onthehoof

    Leaking radiator

    tractor been using a bit of water blown out rad and it’s weeping along bottom, not dripping just wet. Is it worth putting stop leak in it or should I bite the bullet and get a new rad, tractor 18 years old and 7500 hrs.
  10. onthehoof

    Bent top link

    got a bend on top link on threaded end, if I heat it to straighten it will it weaken it?
  11. onthehoof

    Galfre machinery

    anyone got any of their hay equipment, any good? Can you get spares?
  12. onthehoof

    JCB muck grab

    Q fit brackets, must have hardox tines, 7ft 6 wide in good or excellent condition
  13. onthehoof

    Double baling

  14. onthehoof

    Where am I going wrong

    online application, got to part C summary with total area filled in, pretty sure in previous years part D fills in automatically but it’s blank and don’t know next step, think it should be filled in under land use but can’t work out how to do it.
  15. onthehoof


  16. onthehoof

    Spraying without tramlines

    best way to mark out grass field to spray herbicide using marker poles ( no guidance or bout markers) 12 m bouts, do headland first ? Thanks
  17. onthehoof

    JCB 3c series 3 ditching bucket

    4 or 5 ft in good condition also 3 ft digging bucket. Cambs area
  18. onthehoof

    Cheffins vintage sale

    Super Major made £12,500 must be a record
  19. onthehoof

    List price

    FW have their supplement out with tractor and handler list prices. What actual price would you expect to pay for a tractor with list price of 100k?
  20. onthehoof

    Krone R280 disc mower

    just bought one of these, wanted the one that spreads as it cuts and assumed the discs would spin in pairs but 4 outer discs spin inwards and 2 centre discs spin outwards, is this correct would think it may make the swath uneven?

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