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  1. Rob-B

    Any independent NH /CNH mechanics around South Yorks/ North Notts/ North Derbyshire

    Looking for a recommended New Holland or CNH mechanic in the area. The chap I've been speaking to/ waiting for to fit my tractor in has had me waiting 4 weeks and still not heard anything on sorting it. Several messages and calls he's responded to and it's still in my yard not his workshop. So...
  2. Rob-B

    Game fair has anyone been?

    Has anyone been this year, was it as good as they billed it to be? Reading a few articles and seen a few pictures and videos from yesterday. Looking more like a show that puts the shooting and countryside sports community more under the spotlight for some very positive aspects and some negative.
  3. Rob-B

    Electrical connections

    Does anyone know where these two pic connections can be sourced? Looking to splice in two new ones for the air braking system on this tractor.
  4. Rob-B

    McCormick tractors

    Myself and a friend were really impressed with the Mccormick tractors down at Cereals today. Gone are the days of them being a bottom end machine. A proven FPT engine, ZF gearbox and really strong backend. Very well thought out throughout. The cab was much much better than you’d expect and...
  5. Rob-B

    Timber woes

    Is anyone else struggling to find quality timber, where the quality of the wood/ treatment and quality of the cut and straightness are non existent? I’ve been on with some fencing and building repairs in this weather over the last week or so. Mole valley, timber yards and our local Torne valley...
  6. Rob-B

    Stubble turnips after WW.

    What’s peoples experiences with putting stubble turnings in after ww on timings? Sooner the better or would I have time to lightly work, germinate weeds etc then glyphosate then drill? It’ll be a first this year so keen to try and make a good go of it. Rob
  7. Rob-B

    Ritchie tyre press or similar.

    As the title says. Has anyone got a Ritchie or similar for sale close to Rotherham area? Thanks Rob
  8. Rob-B

    Stubble turnips winter grazing to let.

    Sorry if this is to be in a for-sale section but wasn’t sure where to put it so admin please move if required. 14 acres of stubble turnips going in as one block after harvest. Anyone interested in putting their sheep on please message me. Easily electric fenced of which we have some or can...
  9. Rob-B

    Kuhn 40.1w tillage spreader

    Has anyone a flow rate chart per granule size please? Can’t seem to find mine on their web page with a fert that’s appropriate. Thanks
  10. Rob-B

    Law surrounding billing someone for not doing their maintenance.

    As per the title. Has anyone one had such a run in with someone or a local authority over a issue similar. We have a footpath running down the side of two fields. The council own the hedge and woods to the other side. For 25-30 years they have cut the hedge back in the summer and twice cut the...
  11. Rob-B

    Fuel tank / sender issue

    I filled the tractor up today and the dash etc was reading fine. Worked about 40 min or so and it suddenly went like this. See picture. Has anyone with a New Holland has this before? If so what was it? I’m thinking the sender in the tank is jiggered but maybe a wire rubbed through. I’ve no idea...
  12. Rob-B

    ECU losing calibration or function.

    I’ve a ECU which myself and the NH technician think is losing it function / memory of the shuttke switch and or function of. The switch was replaced before Christmas and after being H8 reset it was fine but today it went haywire again. Are ECU issues such as losing function/ memory common...
  13. Rob-B

    Spring cropping, are you starting?

    Has anyone been brave and started drilling or looking at drilling yet? I’ve seen some winter wheat going in still on beet land or failed OSR. I’m tempted myself with weather and conditions being favourable and then it’s pushed through and growing by the time it does turn and we can’t get on the...
  14. Rob-B

    Thermal guns / readers.

    I’ve recently seen videos of people using a pistol looking item to read temperatures from engine bays, fires, corn piles and walls. I’m not after a heat mapping camera thing but I’d be interested in a heat gun that could reasonably accurately tell me the temperature of items or piles of muck...
  15. Rob-B

    South York’s / Derbyshire / Notts

    Last night the 18/12 a field gate was opened and thieves have driven down a field and turned around in the field so must have been a 4x4. They broke into the neighbouring stable yard. Luckily they got into a feed room not the tack room. Stay vigilant these scum are active.
  16. Rob-B

    Viability / profitablibity per acre of rape to other combinables.

    I’ve a customer who went out of growing rape several years ago. He has asked me to look into if the crop is worth growing again in his rotation. His reasons for this are some really good looking crops in the area and some absolutely terrible ones hammered by pigeons and the lack of...
  17. Rob-B

    Christmas begging has started early this year!

    Saturday I recieved a text from a horse lady I have delivered 4 bales to. Asking if she could pay what she’s owes after Christmas. In a nice manner she was told no we need to money in for our bills and wages. This was the first one of this season. Anyway the illness must have spread very quickly...
  18. Rob-B

    Council contacting us re: winter works

    Our local authority has contacted me as to being put on a list of local farmers and contractors around the borough to clear roads grittiers and their snowploughs can’t get around. All seems ok and they are paying £40 an hour. I’ve the equipment to do these jobs anyway so haven’t to invest...
  19. Rob-B

    New Holland Shuttle issue.

    I was wondering if anyone has had a similar issue or the same as I and how you resolved it. My shuttle works fine and the tractor moves backwards and forwards never refuses to do so. However you HAVE to press the clutch now when changing direction or it throws a wobbly and sits in neutral...
  20. Rob-B

    One for the hauliers.

    Bravest man of the day?

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