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  1. Still Farming

    Sheep Stolen Cardiff area

  2. Still Farming

    #Farm24 tag is today

    Tag your photo's . 24 hours in Agriculture #Farm24
  3. Still Farming

    Vale of Glamorgan Show, Fonmon

  4. Still Farming

    Plague small flies

    Everywhere ,corn,corn shed floors everywhere. Any more around the Country?
  5. Still Farming

    Our cops up north tv

    On TV now . BBC Sheep rustling,farm watch etc Police stance on it all etc. Programme flips from other crimes too.
  6. Still Farming

    Cowbridge Market set to close

    Sad news today that our Local "Only Market", left to close. Vale of Glamorgan Council decided last night and no indication to resite a new one allegedly? Proposed Car Park to go there ? Covered in the Farmers Guardian and BBC Wales news today also. Cowbridge will no longer be a market Town.
  7. Still Farming

    Hayley goes vegan

    On bbc 1 now.
  8. Still Farming

    Iran seizes British Ship
  9. Still Farming

    Extinction Rebellion Protests Cardiff.

    How come these days can they block major roads in a Capital City. Why ant the Police or Military not moving them? We know if Farmers or Fuel protesting they be shifted FAST ?
  10. Still Farming

    Summer Solstice

    Here we are. Middle of the Year. Longest day. Hot and Sunny too.
  11. Still Farming

    RWAS Grassland event Pembrokeshire

    This Thursday. Looks big event.
  12. Still Farming

    MEP EU Elections Poliing Day

    Come on get your vote in for this farse of an election that should not be taking place and wasting this Countries money again.
  13. Still Farming

    Flickr limits change?

    Flickr been good up to now ,but message state limits to 1000 photo's and they be deleting any over or older one's allegedly? Anyone panic about this? Where can we transfer too and how ? We uploaded off devices to store there as good so no other copies stored? What ideas or cloud based apps or...
  14. Still Farming

    Happy Easter

    To you all.
  15. Still Farming

    Easter lamb tv ads

    Why is there lots of New Zealand lamb ads for Easter and not seen many if any for Welsh or GB lamb alledgedly???
  16. Still Farming

    12th April 2nd Time Britain Leaves EU

    Come and past again? 17.4 million poeple voted Leave EU . Will it be 3rd time Lucky? Delaying the inevitable all the time ?
  17. Still Farming

    Emergency summit

    Emergency summit EU meeting. Progress or not? Leave is leave just more delays to the inevitable alledgely is it?
  18. Still Farming

    50 Years today Concorde took off.

    Best plane possibly ever.
  19. Still Farming

    Reporters predictions.

    A while ago(last year) the "Top" 3 reporters(Laura, Katya and Chris) on The BBC were on the one show and gave in sealed envelopes their Brexit predictions to be opened after the 29th March The Leave EU Day. What was their preditions ?? Maybe just kept untill we do leave???
  20. Still Farming

    Proven Turbine Servicing.

    The ever changing renewables world and persons involved with servicing and parts maybe if possible to form a list of these on here that are currently active and credible.

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