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  1. RLC

    Taarup 832 Top Rotor Bearing

    Anyone able to tell me the way to get the top rotor out of an 832 type straw chopper to change bearings?? Tia
  2. RLC


    Sold, sorry.
  3. RLC

    14.9 - 46 Row crop tyres.

    No I’m looking for like for like really. Tyres only. Thanks anyway![emoji106]
  4. RLC

    14.9 - 46 Row crop tyres.

    Thanks but Can’t see them. ?? Just want the tyres.
  5. RLC

    14.9 - 46 Row crop tyres.

    Tread not too important. An even 25% plus would be fine. No cuts or cracks. Thanks
  6. RLC

    Baler. Thetford to York

    Round baler to move. Time to suit. Looking for quotes? Cheers.
  7. RLC

    Potato trays

    @Mr chips
  8. RLC

    Dowdeswell plough press

    with press arm. Was used on a 6f DP7. £325. No VAT
  9. RLC

    Simba SL 5 meters wide

    Turneys have one.
  10. RLC

    Wanted: a 3 metre wide drill mate or drill harrow

    Ripon Farm have a farm force one in.
  11. RLC


    what is your budget?
  12. RLC

    Sumo parts

    GLS points??
  13. RLC

    Horstine Cascade Micro rollers.

    Does anyone know of any going spare or a machine with them fitted?? TIA
  14. RLC

    Front Weight box ???

    Looks nicer that the cherry one o reckon!
  15. RLC

    Front Weight box ???

    That’s the one I was looking at. Is that 1200kg as it is??
  16. RLC

    Front Weight box ???

    Seem to remember someone manufacturing a front box with the option to put extra weight in the front with forklift tines?? Thought it was Phil Watkins but cant see one on his site?? Anyone help??
  17. RLC

    Low loader (for drill)

    Looking for a used low loader trailer to carry a 4m combi drill. Must be at least 2.5m wide. Needs to be strong with hyrdaulic lift. Anyone have or know of one anywhere?? Location not important but mainland uk. TIA
  18. RLC

    Plough breakers

    Who breaking ploughs these days? Anyone up north??
  19. RLC

    Subsoiler 2 or 3 leg , in working order

    Tv Machinery got one in.

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