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  1. icanshootwell

    Fight fire with fire ?

    There is one thing i can,t get my head around. Why do the manufacturers of vegan meat free food make it look like traditional sausages and beef burgers. :unsure: Cant they make it into the shape of a V or S, so when i,m at a bbq i no what to avoid.;)
  2. icanshootwell


    Just make sure you turn left handed on the headlands.;) Other than that not a clue, if the other side is smooth its even more mysterious.
  3. icanshootwell

    Deere or Fendt

    You might be right about the 700s being plentiful, but RFM don,t have hardly any, could be different in other parts of the UK. I know of several dealers who had some early 716,s for sale with high hours and were soon sold. One of the dealers RJ Mcclean was in Shaftesbury.
  4. icanshootwell

    Deere or Fendt

    @Alwaysworking I purchased a 516 3 years ago and never regretted it, expensive yes but when compared to other brands there is not much in it if specked the same. For loader work the 516 is a foot or so shorter than the 716 and probably 10k cheaper as well. I would like to try the new 716 myself...
  5. icanshootwell

    and here come the NFU....

    So if Humans are being blamed for climate change and therefore causing a potential ice age in the not to distant future. Who got the blame when the last ice age happened 22,000 years ago. Those bloody cave men and there camp fires. No sorry cave people.:unsure:
  6. icanshootwell

    CX8080 combine losing power with low fuel tank

    My MF was doing the same, mr rat had gone through a pipe. The pipe was not visible to the eye as it went through some box section. For us it was worse on hilly ground and some times would not start in the morning until it was bled. Replaced pipe with metal now, seems to have improved.
  7. icanshootwell

    and here come the NFU....

    Is the one from Marcle buying from France too.:cry:
  8. icanshootwell

    Main air filter.

    That is what i,ve always tried to do, blow out the filter regularly, assumed that was the correct way of keeping the tractor running as it supposed to, not waiting for the light to come on and replacing it. Anyway i just wanted to confirm i was doing it the correct way.
  9. icanshootwell

    Main air filter.

    Was talking to a distributor the other day about ordering filters when i happened to mention the air filter, i take mine out and blow the dirt out with an air line, same with the cab filters. No he said, you should leave it until warning lamp shows then replace it, that way you don,t break the...
  10. icanshootwell

    Why do we import Bacon

    Don,t you like putting super market bacon under the grill and seeing it disappear before your eyes.:ROFLMAO::yuck:
  11. icanshootwell

    Rabe Germany In Financial Trouble

    A bit of irony, Brexit gets blame for everything.:ROFLMAO:
  12. icanshootwell

    New (to me) handler delivered with wrong/damage pipes. What would you do!?

    Stick some new pipes on, the dealer might help you out if you out a little, then keep the old ones as spares for when they blow in a few years time.
  13. icanshootwell

    Rabe Germany In Financial Trouble

    What i read the other day the whole of Germany is heading for a recession.
  14. icanshootwell

    Poacher Block

    I don,t get this, what are we trying to achieve? Keep the farm truck safe but not quad that just happens to be the number one theft item on British farms. The farm truck is worth a few grand but you can drive the three figure fendt down the road. Or is it to keep the baddies from driving into...
  15. icanshootwell

    Poo it Stinks

    All these new housing estates going up on green belt land, more will have to get used to the smell i,m afraid.:poop:
  16. icanshootwell

    500m gov scheme to buy fat livestock

    But what i do see is a import duty rising on lambs coming into the UK, this will surly make our lambs worth more money, or maybe i am just an optimist.;)
  17. icanshootwell

    500m gov scheme to buy fat livestock

    A free market as long as we pay for it, ie 39 b, great deal.
  18. icanshootwell

    500m gov scheme to buy fat livestock

    I do hope the red tractor inspectors will put down there lap tops and get down to the ports too. :sneaky:
  19. icanshootwell

    500m gov scheme to buy fat livestock

    This might come as a shock to a few on here but super markets have been known to mislead a tad.:LOL:

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