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  1. Jon Boy

    Planning a holiday and need some help.

    Next June we are returning to Europe for 5 weeks ,3 weeks will be spent in the UK but we would like to spend a week / 10 days on mainland Europe our top 3 would be Italy -Florence , Belgium or Switzerland but we are open to all suggestions it will be a family holiday as we have our 3 year old...
  2. Jon Boy

    Wholecrop fronts

    We currently run a Quickcut GB 580 but it is in need of replacing and do not want another quick cut ,first choice would be a Krone Xdisc as we all ready run a lot of Krone gear but they wont supply one to fit John Deere choppers we are not against fitting it to the chopper our selves but were...
  3. Jon Boy

    Slightly Damp silage

    I found this wasn't sure where to put it, not quite sure why there doing it but fun to watch .
  4. Jon Boy

    Klein Unicorn planter help required

    We have 2003 Klein Unicorn planter with the Systemterminal control box and we are having trouble accessing menu 2 on the control box i managed to fluke it once but also managed to change the wrong thing and now cannot get back in again ! any help appreciated or even a number of someone i can...
  5. Jon Boy

    UK Holiday

    Next month the wife and i are heading to the UK for our holidays ,we will be will be staying with my relations in Somerset for a while before making our way up to Dunbar in Scotland to stay with the wife's relatives . We have no set route to get from top to bottom and are looking for ideas of...
  6. Jon Boy

    Alternative use of tractors

    All these tractors are at the boat ramp in Kaikoura and are only used for launching boats now, its a very impressive collection of classic tractors with some very desirable tractors there some seem to be better looked after than others and the sea air certainly dosn't do anything for them. A...
  7. Jon Boy

    Pictures from New Zealand

    Just having a rainy day (first bit of rain for nearly24 days !) so thought i would put a few pics up of our year so far . 8430 disking up in the hills getting ground ready for some kale. new toy a Heva disk roller with air seeder Up on a proper hill this time previous paddock can be seen...

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