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  1. onthehoof

    Kubota hay equipment?

    What width is that please And asking price??
  2. onthehoof

    Farmer Roy's Random Thoughts - I never said it was easy.

    Hope they remember to stick it in reverse when they take off!
  3. onthehoof

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    What’s deadweight cattle price any sign of upward movement going to have to sell soon
  4. onthehoof

    Farmer Roy's Random Thoughts - I never said it was easy.

    Whenever I see pics like that just expect Mick Dundee to jump out
  5. onthehoof

    Is harvest 2019 getting desperate in Scotland??

    South in for it Wednesday ......and Friday .......and Saturday :cry:
  6. onthehoof


    Jeez, all these farmers holidaying abroad, what’s wrong with this country :scratchhead:
  7. onthehoof

    The worlds best steak

    No, you didn’t say what time :rolleyes:
  8. onthehoof

    Is there a decent long range forecast available

    BBC ‘ weather for the week ahead’ is the only forecast you ever need.
  9. onthehoof

    The worlds best steak

    Has anyone ever done a proper eating test with judges who know what they’re talking about, beef of varying ages from 12 to 48 months, different breeds and different feeding systems
  10. onthehoof

    Unsettled August

    Has much hay been made up North?
  11. onthehoof

    Your current weather.

    Drying day here, cutting hay tomorrow :cool:
  12. onthehoof

    Advice on wet hay

    May be worth considering getting your own baler for next year, relying on contractors to come and bale hay the exact moment it’s ready is taking a big risk.
  13. onthehoof

    overwinter cow cost

    Lot of difference between hay at £200/t last year and probably £50 this year need to take average over long term. Straw price has killed suckler job last 3 years especially if you’re paying transport to Cornwall and West of Scotland
  14. onthehoof

    Your current weather.

    Looking bad up there
  15. onthehoof

    A blueprint for a profitable suckler herd.

    Ok shoot me down, just an idea at the moment so go easy. We are a dry farm in a dry area so summer grazing limited/poor, but access to cheap straw, currently spring calving mainly Simmy X cows,no creep, wean October, calves stored on hay and a little concentrate, grazed following summer...
  16. onthehoof

    MF 6270 oil leak

    Will get someone else to stop it next time and video what happens
  17. onthehoof

    A blueprint for a profitable suckler herd.

    Producing what the market wants not what you want is a start. Then do it as cheap as you can.
  18. onthehoof

    Your current weather.

    26mm here amazing how quick soil goes from concrete to mud
  19. onthehoof

    Anyone cutting for hay now?

    80 acres still to cut :dead:
  20. onthehoof

    MF 6270 oil leak

    Yes done it twice now, doesn’t even drip when running but throws oil out the moment it stops. Dipsticks ok, engine a little high could that be the cause slightly overfilled?

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