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  1. icanshootwell

    Main air filter.

    Was talking to a distributor the other day about ordering filters when i happened to mention the air filter, i take mine out and blow the dirt out with an air line, same with the cab filters. No he said, you should leave it until warning lamp shows then replace it, that way you don,t break the...
  2. icanshootwell

    Fendt filters

    Is there anyplace you can buy them, say on-line or a kind of super store? There are quite a few eg control pressure filter, ad-blue etc etc. I don,t want to pay a 50% mark up from main dealer. Its a main service and there are quite a few to get.
  3. icanshootwell

    Horizon, another kicking for farmers

    Although they have high lighted the supermarkets and the sh#t they sell, they have also mentioned how beef and lamb are the biggest contributor to the carbon foot print.
  4. icanshootwell

    Mc Hale netter

    It works ok but every few hundred bales it wraps around the rubber roller about 1/3 and a tiny bit ends up on the bale, very annoying when in hay like i was today, Any problem solvers out there.
  5. icanshootwell

    Fendt fuel pipe failure

    You know when your sat there happily baling away and your certain you can smell diesel but dont want to believe it, I could see from the seat the tank top was on, so got off and noticed a heavy leak on the right hand side, on closer inspection there is a 12 inch rubber pipe running up to the...
  6. icanshootwell

    What next?

    I have lost 2nd gear on the TH, changed solenoid on that gear and cleaned the pin that sometimes sticks behind the solenoid, the gearbox seems fine, no metal when i drained it out. When you select no 2 on the twist grip it does not show on the dash and the buzzer sounds. Last few months been...
  7. icanshootwell

    Kuhn FBP 3135 v Mc Hale Fusion

    Given the choice what do people prefer. I do like the look of the wrapping system on the kuhn, the extra wrap on the edges is a good thing, but the mchale is such a strong and reliable baler.
  8. icanshootwell

    Kuhn GA 6501 P

    Anybody got one? Just wanted anybody's thoughts, good value or not. Looks a handy rake.
  9. icanshootwell

    Bale wrap and net price

    I thought before i ring the merchant i would see what other people have been quoted for net and bale wrap. I don,t like forking out thousands for bale wrap, then having to wait several months after it,s been applied just to get paid back on the stuff. Do farmer/contractors add on a surcharge...
  10. icanshootwell

    Lloyd's bank charges

    For several years I have been charged £100 for every 10k worth of overdraft, until now where its jumped 50% for a 12 month period. Call centre won,t do f all about it, they say that,s what it is now, so we are paying the same rates as jo bloggs who has a 2k overdraft facility i presume. This...
  11. icanshootwell

    Calves dropping

    Really concerned at the moment had lots of calves lying flat out, they seem warm but are weak and don,t want to get up, gave them hydration gel and pen and strip. One calf was better today but had 2 more with the same symptoms. Not sure if its linked but had a couple of cows go down with very...
  12. icanshootwell

    Lifting dilemma

    Have a pod coming soon, but the lorry driver does not want to go off the road, but i need it put in a field. The manufacturers tell me my 4 ton th is not quite big enough. They say i need a 5 ton lift, I don,t know anybody with a 5 ton th. I,m thinking of a wheeled crane type but will they...
  13. icanshootwell

    Milwaukee friction ring fuel 1/2 inch best buy

    Does anybody recommend a supplier, been quoted £500 odd pounds for one of these, max torque was 1356. There seems to be a lot of different models about and getting confused on spec. Thanks
  14. icanshootwell

    Electric avenue mr rat

    I remember someone saying they had a rat problem, this might be worth a go.
  15. icanshootwell

    Best sockets for high torque

    As above, any recommendations ?
  16. icanshootwell

    What size high impact wrench.

    For general farm stuff will a 1/2 inch be strong enough or do i go for the 3/4. looking at the Milwaukee.
  17. icanshootwell

    Eco forest heat pump

    Got one of these heat pumps and it keeps throwing an alarm which sais "High pressure discharge" It may run for 30 days without doing it or sometimes just 2 days. If i turn the power off then back on, it goes back to normal and runs fine, It seems to me its just a simple adjustment but what i...
  18. icanshootwell

    Best product for controlling scab in ewe,s

    Have used dectomax at around 3ml per ewe, is this enough? got mixed results, some still rubbing, is there any other product out there i have not heard of and should know about. Maybe sheep dipping is the only answer, I only have a small flock, how are the large sheep farmers coping with this...
  19. icanshootwell

    Fire arms licensing department/ medical condition

    I will try and make this not to complicated. I renewed my licence the other day, came in the post 2 weeks ago, nice and simple so far, This morning had a letter from my Doctors practice with an invoice attached for £48. Apparently the fire arms department are requesting from my doctor if i have...
  20. icanshootwell

    Beef grades. Not happy

    Just had cattle grades back, sent 5 heifers to ABP, around 18 to 22 months, weened of cows in Spring and been on home mix ration ever since,(wheat, oats mix plus silage) they were all graded R 5,s and one U5. How can they have become so fat in a few months, the payment is 320 to 325 p/kg. Spoke...

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