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    If those who do football celebrations in the street, refuse to wear masks or wash hands or congregate on beaches were then isolated from the vulnerable would this help to eliminate the virus more rapidly?
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    Solway recycling

    Sad to report a huge fire at Solway Recycling near Dumfries. Smoke visible from 40 miles away and across in Cumbria. Facebook video does not look good, trying to save some buildings
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    Michael Gove's Lost Arm

    So, Michael, do you feel that removing the guard on your saw bench to get the log pile cleared was wrong? "Look, I was following the best scientific advice and it was absolutely appropriate to remove the guard at that time as the logs were piling up" But it looks as if a lot of arms have been...
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    Helping Cash Flow ( of the banks)

    I had a letter today offering an overdraft for the business. The bank has kindly removed any upfront arrangement fees. Simple to apply, fast too with an instant decision and immediate access. It states I could have up to £20,000 as an existing customer but the small print says this is...
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    Matt Hancock

    Currently on Radio 4 stuttering and stammering his way through an interview. Not inspiring confidence and thank goodness Raab is deputising. Fudged his way around the PPE issues. Unable to accept that the top team were not following social distancing at work as how else did they all get it? Yet...
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    Coylumbridge hotel

    So the hospitality industry is hit so the next step is to lay people off. To rub salt in the wound then chuck them out of the staff bedrooms just to save a bit on the heating. These guys are mostly from Eastern Europe and they are in far-flung Aviemore. Oh, wait, there has now been an...
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    Making cereals profitable

    Just about to see the man made flesh. Clive telling Scottish farmers how to do it at NFUS conference in Glasgow. First let the water drain off then wait for the first dry weekend in late April. After that it is easy
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    University Challenge

    I may have misheard but the captain of Magdalen College Oxford tonight was studying Ancient Greek Crowd Psychology. Any ideas what job that will qualify you to do? 'Would you all form an orderly queue for the ketchup with your moussaka'
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    Siberia introducing cattle

    Ben Fogle is in Siberia where the permafrost is melting potentially releasing 20000 years of stored carbon. The forests actually trap heat whereas grassland keeps it cool. So the answer is to fell the trees and introduce cattle to keep the grass down. The scientists are currently doing this...
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    Dunning Kruger Effect

    Do you know anyone who may have this condition? Seems to be common in weekend lumberjacks/electricians, teenage tractor drivers, politicians, male dancers over 45 and most car drivers.
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    Please See Your Therapist This Week

    Man the guns, batten down the hatches, pull up the drawbridge and prepare for battle Next Monday primetime 9pm BBC 1 'Meat-a threat to our planet?' The trailers show huge feedlots larger than my farm, thousands of cattle in herds like sheep all crammed in, dozens of intensive pig units with...
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    Can Formula 1 Save the Planet

    Delighted to hear Lewis Hamilton is opening some vegan restaurants selling burgers and chicken, presumably along with tofu steaks and bean pulled pork. Meanwhile he has sold the private jet (the one he managed to reclaim £3m smackers by landing it once in the Isle of Man) to make his life more...
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    National Parks- do they help farmers?

    Scotland only has 2 national parks and there is currently a consultation and initial report on a Galloway National Park. This will stretch from Dumfries to Stranraer and up to south Ayrshire. It is a way of showcasing all the good things here and trying to increase tourism and providing jobs to...
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    More Global Warming and Disruption

    According to news reports there is a shortage of HRT which will become worse as Brexit approaches. The danger is the huge increase in hot flushes which will drive up temperatures, especially on a local basis. This will be compounded by hordes of irritable, aching, exhausted women of a certain...
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    More Shooting

    With another 29 dead and 40 injured while out working or shopping the USA simply reinforces its bizarre attitude to guns. Only when every citizen is armed will it be safe to go about your daily business or send your child to school. The first amendment seems to blinker them that being free means...
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    Spooner says it has to be Boris

    Assuming that Jeremy Corbyn is not too frail to continue, if Hunt gets in then this will be a newsreaders nightmare. 'Do you think Jeremy has the right/wrong answers? Well, Jeremy has always opposed/supported the EU. Jeremy's track record speaks for itself. Who are they talking about? And of...
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    It Was Alright in the 60s

    Came across this while going through my late fathers stuff. Prime Saturday TV in my youth. No repeats planned for a while.
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    Limited Edition New Trainers

    Queues formed overnight to buy limited numbers of £180 trainers designed by Kanye West. His experience as a rapper was fully brought to bear in advising some start-up company called Adidas, I think, in how to manufacture trainers. Some were immediately sold on for up to £300. A professor of...
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    Dyking Rates

    I have a broken dyke needing dismantled/ rebuilt. Standard field dyke, not ornamental. I think progress is slow so far as paying by the hour. What is the going rate per metre or how many metres should be going up in an average 6 hour day?
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    Hot Lime

    Why would a load of lime be warm at delivery? Not seen that before. What is the source?

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